Dota 2 is the highest paying Esports game. Just last year, The International had a total prize pool of roughly $35,000,000.

You don’t really need to have any experience in order to watch this game and simply enjoy it. On the other side, betting on this game requires some basic knowledge and a lot of research. You need to understand how the game works and do your own research before every bet.

Luckily, there are some special Dota 2 bets that are easy to place and we will tell you exactly what you need to look for.

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First Blood

Betting on first blood means betting on a team that will make the first kill. Try to find teams that contain aggressive players who aren’t afraid to attack early on. The odds on this Dota 2 special bet aren’t that high but it is relatively easy to predict it.

If a team contains one or more highly skilled individuals who are known for their early aggression, that’s a good sign for you to place a First Blood bet on them.

As soon as the first champion is killed by your team, your bet is won and you don’t have to worry about other outcomes in the match.

First Roshan

Roshan the Immortal is the most powerful neutral creep in Dota 2. During the early game phase, he can easily outmatch every hero in one on one combat.

Truth to be told, you can rarely see one hero to go solo against Roshan in a professional match. They usually attack him as a team when it is safe to do so.

In other words, they attack him after a successful team fight when the enemy team is far away. Just try to find teams that are good in early team fights as they will probably attack Roshan as soon as they can to get Aegis of the Immortal resurrection item.

Outright Winner

One of the most interesting futures bets you can place is surely the outright winner bet. You need to predict which team will win the tournament in the end. This kind of bet always comes with high odds and high potential return.

Instead of betting on a team to win every match, try betting on them to win the tournament outright. This way, they can still lose a match or two during the group phase which won’t affect your bet as long as they win the tournament in the end. 

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League of Legends or just LoL is, by far, the most popular Esports game. With that in mind, there is no wonder LoL betting is also quite popular.

There are several ways to bet on this game and we will explain some of the most popular special LoL bets in this article. Stay tuned and find out everything you need to know about League of Legends special bets in this article.

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Match Length

The average length of one LoL match can vary from 20 to 50 minutes. Of course, they can be longer. To gain a better perspective, the longest LoL game ever was a matchup Jin Air vs SKT and it lasted for 94 minutes and 37 seconds. 

However, statistically speaking, game duration of one professional match is usually between 25 and 32 minutes. Some bookies offer you to bet on just that in their LoL special bets markets. You need to predict the exact duration of the match.

Bookies will give you margins between several durations and you need to pick one. Keep in mind that the odds are based on statistics and you will always get lower odds for betting on durations that are close to 30 minutes. On the other side, betting on longer durations means higher odds and higher profit.

Try to find some game that will probably last longer. That are usually games between two similar teams where anyone can win.

First Turret Destroyed

The main objective of each line is to keep their turrets safe while trying to destroy the outer ones. This bet practically means betting on a team to destroy the first turret.

Your team does not have to win the game, they just need to take an early advantage and destroy the first turret. This is very important because you can easily predict this bet. Just look for the teams that are known for early aggressions and turret pushes. As soon as they take the objective, your bet is won.

Number of Aces

They also have a number of popular content creators associated with the brand. The latest of which being Nicole Sanchez or ‘Neekolul’, who is an American Twitch Streamer and Tik Tok personality. Some of these creators even live together in their very own property dubbed “The Content House”.


Aces aren’t that common in League of Legends. An ace occurs when the last player of one team dies. It means that all five of them have to be dead at the same time for at least 1 second. There are plenty of variations of this bet. You can bet on over/under number of aces, which team will score more aces or even correct number of aces.

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100 Thieves is a popular gaming lifestyle and eSports brand, founded by Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag. Their mission is to give every gamer something to be proud of, and their operating motto is “take what’s not given”.

Due to the popularity and growth experienced by the company, it has seen plenty of investment from big names like Drake, Scooter Braun and Sequoia.

Here is a short overview of the extraordinarily successful brand that is 100 Thieves.

Nadeshot’s Background

Nadeshot is based in Los Angeles, California, and founded 100 Thieves in 2017. Since it began the company has grown into a gigantic community worth over $100 million.

Initially, Haag started out as an eSports competitive gamer, first playing Call of Duty. He soon became captain of OpTic Gaming, which helped him to win an X Games gold medal & even a COD World Championship.

One of Haag’s most admirable achievements includes being named the eSports athlete of the year in 2014. He has also gathered multiple other accolades, like being featured in Forbes 30 Under 30. Also, they launched successful gaming channels for Twitch & YouTube.


100 Thieves have released quite an extensive range of clothing items. Their products are targeted mainly at gamers. Some of their most recent releases being the “No Camping” and “Numbers” collections.

Content Creators

They also have a number of popular content creators associated with the brand. The latest of which being Nicole Sanchez or ‘Neekolul’, who is an American Twitch Streamer and Tik Tok personality. Some of these creators even live together in their very own property dubbed “The Content House”.


Right now, 100 Thieves have teams competing in games like League of legends, Valorant and Fortnite to name a few. The team won their first trophy at the CWL London in 2019 for Call of Duty, followed by their second at the CWL Anaheim later that year.

Despite finishing second in Division B, they still made it to the Pro League playoffs, however they were defeated by the revered Gen. G eSports.

No doubt 100 Thieves will be back winning competitions sooner or later, make sure you know where to find the best betting odds so that you can win too!

The eSports industry has experienced rapid growth over the past decade. As technological advances make online gaming ever more interesting. The number of frequent eSports viewers are just over 200 million annually.

As of 2020, which is expected to reach over 300 million by 2023. Despite all of this, the industry has only just started compared to what it could become in the coming years. Here’s a brief overview of the size of the eSports industry as of 2020!

eSports Revenue Growth

Revenues in the eSports industry have been increasing on average about 30% year on year. This is mainly from the sponsorships from large companies who recognise the fruitful marketing potential at events. Events such as The DOTA International or the League of Legends World Championship – which by the way, had more viewers in 2019 than the annual Superbowl!

In 2016, $350 million out of the $493 million total revenue originated from brand investments. From companies such as Coca Cola, BMW, and Nike. This number is predicted to rise to more than $1.6 billion in total revenue in 2021, with brand investments reaching $1.3 billion.

Growth in Tournaments & Prize Money

As the funding has increased, so have the size and calibre of the eSports events that are hosted. Throughout 2017 there were over 4,000 tournaments with more than $1.1 billion in prize giveaways!

Some of the highest cash rewards from tournaments so far include $34 million for the 2020 DOTA International, $30 million for the 2019 Fortnite World Cup Finals, and $6.4 million for the League of Legends 2018 World Championship.

Whilst it’s difficult to put a definitive number on the value of the industry, one thing is for sure. This really is only the beginning for eSports. Considering that huge competitions like the American NFL has been running since 1920, or the UEFA Champions League which began in 1955, it illustrates the enormous growth potential for eSports in the future. 

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Competitive gaming has been increasing in popularity very quickly over the past few years and is nowhere near finished yet. In 2021, eSports revenues are expected to top $1.6 billion!

The impressive future growth potential of eSports has attracted a lot of attention from big companies, as well as wealthy investors. Here are 3 well-known celebrities who have vested interests in the eSports industry!


Credit: The Medizine /

Globally recognised recording artist Drake is an unexpected celebrity with ties to eSports. In 2018 it was announced that he became the co-owner of popular eSports and lifestyle brand, 100 Thieves.

Drake also caused a social media uproar in 2018. He went viral by playing Fortnite with Twitch’s number 1 streamer ‘Ninja’.

In 2019, he also joined a group of wealthy investors to fund an upcoming eSports brand named ‘Players Lounge’. Which is a company which hosts host casual players against each other for cash prizes. It’s a great movement for those who are looking to get involved in eSports. It’s expected to be a huge influence on the world of competitive gaming!


Credit: Sports Pro /

Sean Combs, (also known as Diddy) is a well-established rapper and billionaire business mogul. In 2018, he partnered with a group of investors to provide over $30 million in funding for PlayVS; which is an eSports league based in California. PlayVS provide leagues, scheduling, and infrastructure for eSports events.

It’s an extremely inspirational movement for young aspiring eSports players, as it allows them to demonstrate their skills amongst their peers in the hopes of attracting collegiate scholarship offers.

Michael Jordan

Credit: The Business Journals /

Basketball legend Michael Jordan first leaped into the eSports industry in 2018, with a modest $26 million investment compared to his $1.5 billion net worth. Jordan invested in aXioamatic Gaming, who are the current owners of the eSports organisation Team Liquid. He too mentioned the potential he saw in eSports as a fast-growing industry at the time of his investment.

The size of investment from these individuals alone goes to show that there is still huge potential for competitive gaming. It also proves that eSports is starting to attract more than just the traditional stakeholders like gamers and tech investors which is exciting news for the industry.

Make sure you’re betting on the best teams to get a good return on your money!

The growth of the eSports industry hasn’t gone unnoticed by big mainstream brands. Popularity has been demonstrated by the increase in views over the years. This has caused an influx in investments from giant companies looking to dip their toe into the upcoming industry. Here are 3 well-known brands that are currently participating in eSports events.

Manchester United

The famous football club Manchester United are one of the many organisations getting involved in gaming. They’ve been participating in eSports events over the past couple of years, including the ePremier League season 19&20. The 2020 league involved 20 teams from the Barclays Premier League. Who competed over a 15-day period to be crowned champions for both PS4 and Xbox.

United even participated in the international “ Cup” hosted by the creator of Pro Evolution Soccer, Konami. The tournament entailed 9 clubs from all over Europe. Each choosing 3 of their finest professional eSports players to go head to head with the opposing sides. Other teams competing in this tournament included Barcelona, Bayern Munich and Juventus battling it out to win the title.

The Indiana Pacers – Pacers Gaming

In 2017, the NBA 2K eSports league announced 17 teams to take part in their inaugural season designed for the best of basketball gamers to compete against each other. The league debuted in 2018, and Pacers Gaming were one of the contenders. Currently the team has over 50,000 subscribers on their YouTube Channel where they showcase their impressive skills and team-based events.

Other NBA teams that compete include the Boston Celtics, Cleveland Cavaliers, and the Dallas Mavericks.

FC Schalke 04 eSports

FC Schalke 04 eSports started in 2016. Since then it has grown into one of the most famous eSports organisations in Europe. Their League of Legends team has already participated in many European tournaments, such as multiple LEC’s (which is the top European league for LoL) as well as the EU Championship Series.

Like Manchester United, Schalke also have a presence in football-based eSports events, as they too were one of the few teams competing in the Cup tournament.

There are hundreds if not thousands of other companies who have sponsorships in eSports teams & events, including Nike, Coca Cola, Redbull and Chillblast.

Don’t forget to have your bets placed to show support during their next big event!