The viewership numbers within the eSports industry have continued to break records year on year. Therefore, the number of betting opportunities available have also increased accordingly.

Considering the worth of the esports industry itself , there’s no wonder that so many people are making decent money from betting on the teams that are competing each week. This post will outline some of staggering facts about the size of the eSports betting industry.

eSports Betting Revenues in 2020

In 2020, eSports gambling revenues are expected to rise dramatically as more gamblers are making the switch from regular sports. This was most likely caused by the mass cancellations of live sporting events due to the coronavirus. 

According to IGB, gross wins from eSports betting are expected to hit $343 million by the end of 2020, and currently eSports betting accounts for roughly 2.1% of sports bets placed across the globe. 

Europe is leading the charge with over $150 million worth of the share, followed closely by Asia with around $140 million.  

By 2024, H2 predict that the market will generate over $862 million in gross win revenue, to increase it’s share of the global betting industry to around 3.2%.

How Many Games Can You Bet On?

Within the eSports industry there are dozens of different games that you can bet on, which grows every year as new games are released. For example, Valorant is a brand-new tactical shooter released in mid-2020 that is already beginning to make its mark on the industry.

Final Thoughts

As competitive gaming continues to expand, the betting industry experiences a similar growth, which also means bigger cash prizes for winners, so knowing who and how to bet on esports is essential for anyone wanting to begin or improve their esports betting chances.

Every month there are dozens of new partnerships between eSports organisations and companies from various industries who want to gain exposure within the competitive gaming arena. The increasing level of viewership numbers have attracted brands who recognise the huge advertising potential for their business. 

Brand sponsorships account for an enormous volume of the revenue within the eSports industry. In 2021, sponsorships from big companies like Coca Cola and Nike are expected to climb above $1.3 billion. This post will outline some of the brand partnerships and sponsors in eSports today!

KIA Motors

North American eSports team Rogue contracted an agreement with KIA Motors for their League of Legends squad in Europe. Currently the partnership is set to last for 1 year, which will see their LEC team using KIA vehicles for travelling.

Rogue will utilise celebrities that are invested in their parent company ReKTGlobal, to create video content as part of their agreement. Some far they’ve announced people such as Steve Aoki and Nicky Romero, showing that even celebrities are getting more involved into the world of esports.


German based car manufacturer BMW are trying to amplify their name in eSports on a global scale, by establishing various partnerships with a number of different organisations from around the world such as Cloud9, G2 eSports, T1 and Fnatic. 

Their sponsorships will see these companies producing content across their social media platforms, as well as various products and programs. There has also been mention of a “technological transfer” from BMW hardware & software engineers!

T1 CEO Joe Marsh highlighted this in a statement “T1 is thrilled to be a partner with BMW to elevate innovation and entertainment within the gaming industry”. No doubt this will be a lucrative partnership for the world of gaming!

Similar to KIA Motors, BMW will also be providing their cars to use as transport to and from their events.

Final Thoughts

As the eSports industry continues to get bigger, so do the number of opportunities for brands who want to get involved! This has led to some globally recognised brands having their own esports teams.

MMORPG, or Massive Multiplayer Role-Playing Games stretch all the way back to the late 1980s with those such as Habitat and Island of Kesmai. In the 21st Century they have developed into complex universes, with regular updates and enormous long-term fan followings. This page will cover some of best MMORPGs that you can play in 2020!

Old School RuneScape

RuneScape is a game that most gamers have played at some point in time. The game offers a variety of features, whether you’re training one of your 27 skills or completing a grandmaster quest to wield weapons like the Dragon Scimitar, or even if you’re wandering the wilderness looking for other players to PK! 

After receiving a massive drop in active players due to the Evolution of Combat update in 2012, the developers Jagex decided to release an older version of the game from a 2007 backup server. Hence Old School RuneScape was born, and it’s currently played by tens of thousands of players all over the world every day. RS already offers a competitive gaming element with “Deadman Mode”, where players create a brand-new account. Operating in a fully PVP environment, players have less than 1 month to train as much as they can until they must face off against their competitors in a final battle to determine the winner. The whole time you have to be careful not to get killed by other players… so no AFKing! Whilst it has been predominantly an online PC game since it began, they released a mobile version in 2018.

Final Fantasy XIV

FF14 is a strong contender for the king of MMORPGs. Not only does it have an incredibly captivating storyline across the land of Eorzea, the graphics are stunning, the functionality is robust, and the updates maintain a consistent level of quality as well as imagination. 

Their third expansion, Shadowbringers was released in 2019. In a world that had already fallen into an apocalyptic nightmare, players are tasked with a quest to restore the night in a place overrun by the forces of Light. The game is available on PC and console.

Final Thoughts

Whilst MMORPGs are yet to make a strong impact on the eSports industry, they’re still a lot of fun to play and could be seen in big competitions one day! If you’re looking for some new games that you can place your bets on then there’s plenty of options available to choose from.

When it comes to competitive gaming, there’s a huge difference between using any old computer monitor and using one that is specifically designed for gamers. You can benefit from wider viewing angles, reduced motion blur or a practically non-existent input lag to provide the best experience for the most crucial of scenarios. This post will highlight a couple of the best gaming monitors available for competitive gameplay in 2020, which would go perfect with a perfect desk.

Samsung C49RG9

If you’re planning to take immersion to the max, the Samsung C49RG9 will do just that! Coming with a whopping 32:9 display, this product packs the equivalent of two 1440p monitors in one! With a 120Hz refresh rate, combined with the AMD Free Sync 2 technology, it allows for a crisp HDR content display, as well as low input latency. 

If you’re looking for an impactful statement to complete your gaming setup, no doubt this will top it off nicely! Although its probably best for playing MOBA games rather than fast paced FPS’s, due to the viewing angles being not so great…

Size49 Inches
Resolution 5120×1440
Maximum Refresh Rate120 Hz
Variable Refresh RateFree Sync


The ASUS VG279QM series is possibly one of the best gaming monitors for eSports players. The epic motion handling feature serves as an invaluable element for fast-paced environments, and its max refresh rate of 280 Hz makes it one of the best available. 

HDR technology as well as a professional colour gamut offers an extremely precise contrast & colour performance that meets the DisplayHDR 400 certification! However, it’s not the best option if you like gaming in the dark due to the low contrast ratio on the IPS panel. It’s also not great for cable management at the base, but if you’re looking for a high-quality gaming experience, this is a good one to bet on!

Size27 Inches
Resolution 1920×1080
Maximum Refresh Rate280 Hz
Variable Refresh RateFree Sync

Final Thoughts

It’s always worth forking out for a high-quality monitor that will last, as well as offer plenty of value. Once you’re happy with the visual element of your experience, why not find the best gaming headset to improve your audio quality?