For years, CS:GO was a game without any real competition on the market. However, when Valorant came out a lot of sceptics thought CS:GO will die soon. Now, that Valorant has been around for some time, let’s check out what really happened to CS:GO and is it really dying?

Valorant Impact 

Every new game developed by Riot has a huge spike in the first few weeks. Riot had a perfect marketing campaign for Valorant as they encouraged people to watch it on Twitch just to get a beta key. It put the game on the map and a lot of new players couldn’t wait to get that key just to try Valorant. It made them feel special because they could play it while others couldn’t. In reality, all you had to do was to watch any Valorant stream for at least 2 hours and you will eventually get it. So, the key was nothing other than a marketing campaign to trick players into believing they are the chosen ones. 

Considering that majority of new Valorant players were old CS:GO veterans it made a huge impact on CS:GO scene. The number of CS:GO players drastically dropped while Valorant’s player database was only growing. At that time, CS:GO was at an all-time peak with more than 1 million players. With the release of Valorant, the number of active players dropped to 800k which was a significant loss. Valve knew they had to change something and they did. Updates became more frequent and a lot of new features were added to the game. Thus CS:GO became a better game and players decided to return. All in all, a little competition was exactly what CS:GO needed to become a great game once again.

Number of Active Players

With all the improvements CS:GO made a lot of players came back. Not only that old players are returning to CS:GO but new ones are coming too. The numbers speak for themselves. CS:GO had a peak of more than 1 million players in the last four consecutive months. It is the highest number of active players since the release of this game. With that in mind, we can conclude that this game is not dying, just the opposite, it is better than ever. 

What to Expect from The Future

If the trend continues we can expect CS:GO only to grow. Even though the game itself is complete, there is still room for some improvements. We can probably expect official 128-tick servers and a better VAC system. In addition to that, operations should be more frequent so we don’t have to wait for 2 years just to get a new operation. There are some speculations that Source 2 could be released by the end of 2021 which will bring better performance, better graphics and smoother gameplay. Dota 2 is already powered by Source 2 engine and it is only a matter of time for CS:GO to do the same.  

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Marc Anthony once said: “If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life!”. This statement is somewhat controversial but if you think actually about it, it makes sense. If you are a hardcore gamer and you love gaming, you will probably want to work in Esports industry. Luckily, this industry is growing and new job positions are opened every day. Esports is suddenly a more viable career path than ever! With that in mind, why not get a real job in something you like, in Esports to be precise. 

Careers in Esports

We all know that Esports industry is growing exponentially. Prize pools of Esports tournaments already outpace some traditional sports. Therefore, Esports as an industry now supports more career paths and some of them didn’t even exist two decades ago. Besides being a professional player you can also opt-in for different career paths like a streamer, tournament admin or even caster. Let’s take a look at possible careers in Esports:

The jobs listed above are the most wanted ones. However, there are countless opportunities in Esports industry and you could be almost anything that you can think of. 

How to Get a Job in Esports?

If you are good enough in some game you will probably like to go professional. A professional player position is only available for less than 1% of the best players out there. If you are not one of them, the question is: “How to get a job in Esports once you are out of high school or college?” 

First of all, you need to evaluate your skills and think about how can that benefit a company you want to work in. This will determine the path you can take in Esports. If you are a developer you can get a job in any gaming company and create games and new Esports titles. If you have some experience with writing or photography you can be an Esports dedicated journalist. The same goes for everything else. 

Where to Find Esports Jobs?

Finding a job in Esports isn’t different from finding any other job. It mostly depends on your location but you need to set up a profile on LinkedIn and look for nearby companies. Make sure to adjust your profile and add relative skills to Esports so job recruiters can find you. On the other side, if you live somewhere where Esports is not an option you can work remotely. There are even some Esports dedicated job boards where you can find a list of Esports related jobs and apply to them. 

Esports Dedicated Job Boards: 

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Esports and cryptocurrencies are similar in multiple ways. Both of them were highly rejected in the early beginnings and they thrived up to the top in the last couple of years. When it comes to cryptos, people just couldn’t accept that something digital can have value. On the other side, they also couldn’t accept that something digital can become a competition for any real sport. Both cryptos and Esports managed to prove them wrong and turned out to be quite a success. But how are those two industries tied and why? 

The Connection Between Esports and Cryptos

Gamers were among the first ones to accept digital value such as skins and cryptos. Ten years ago, StarCraft 2 tournament AoV iCCup StarLeague (ISL1) used BitCoins as a tournament reward. Players that were placed from 5th to 8th place received 25 BitCoins which was valued at $41,75 at the time. If they kept those BitCoins they are now worth more than $1 million dollars. They probably didn’t but that’s not the point. The point is that gamers accepted digital currencies before they became a thing. With that in mind, there is no wonder that today a lot of cryptocurrencies are tied to gaming. 

Gaming is a $150 billion dollar industry with a huge market cap and huge investment possibilities. Investors are willing to invest in this industry and they do so by investing in cryptocurrencies tied to gaming. It is also a great way to find investors into Esports companies without going public. A lot of gaming platform already implemented their own cryptos as a currency that can be used on the platform. I can optimistically say that we can expect Steam, Origin and similar platforms to do the same in the following years. Cryptos are also highly used in Esports betting community.   

Esports Betting and Cryptos

A lot of people prefer Cryptocurrencies as a payment method because it offers faster deposits than e-wallets and bank transfers. It also helps you stay anonymous and protect your data on the internet. Cryptos today are accepted as a payment method on most Esports bookmakers. If you also prefer to bet cryptos but are not sure where to bet them, head over to UpYourGame homepage and adjust the filters to show you available crypto betting sites in your area. You can also claim generous Welcome Bonuses on your first deposit.  

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Battlefield 6

The upcoming Battlefield 6 will be out by the end of 2021. In fact, EA confirmed that the game will launch in “Holiday 2021“. However, we still don’t know anything concrete about the game. There are some speculations that it will be a next-gen game with a cross-platform option. Further, there would be bigger maps that support up to 128 players and some new mechanics with fully destructible cities. If you played Battlefield 4 you probably remember the Siege of Shanghai and a big destructible skyscraper. If this is true, every building will be destructible just as that skyscraper was. It would definitely be interesting to see something like that implemented into Esports scene, but we can’t know for sure, only time will tell. 

Halo Infinite

The next game on our list is highly anticipated first-person shooter Halo Infinite. The game is set to be released in the fall of 2021. The most interesting feature is a return of split-screen again which was removed from the previous version. It will also have an Esports ecosystem for multiplayer gaming. Their goal is to implement the game into the Esports world with a platform that players, teams, sponsors, tournament operators, and content creators can sustain successful business around. Whatever comes of it, it will surely be a great Esports title to check out. 

New World

The new upcoming game from Amazon Game Studios was supposed to be released in May 2020. However, the release was postponed and, for now, the official release date is August 21, 2021. It is an MMO RPG with a huge multiplayer world set on a fictional island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean known as Aeternum island. Like in every MMO game, you will start with a level 1 character and level up as you complete quests and progress through the game. The highest achievable level is 60 and then the real journey starts. The game will allow parties of up to five members who can join one of three factions. If you were or are a fan of World of Warcraft, you will surely like this game. 

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