3 of the Best Headsets for Gaming

Anyone who is serious about competitive gaming knows that a quality headset can be the difference between a good performance and a broken controller! This is especially true when it comes to FPS games like Rainbow Six Siege, because it pays to listen to your surroundings for traps or enemy footsteps. Using a high-quality headset is definitely good value for money, as it can provide a much better experience. Here are some of the best headsets you can use for gaming!

SteelSeries Arctis Pro Wireless

Some might say that SteelSeries is the undisputed king of gaming headsets. The Arctis Pro Wireless has impeccable noise cancellation to provide smooth uninterrupted audio. This combined with the studio-quality voice clarity feature allows users to experience the most immersive of gaming experiences. 

The wireless range of up to 40 feet means you’re free to move about your home for a snack without having to disconnect. You don’t even have to worry about long gaming sessions either, as the two rechargeable batteries included can last for up to 20 hours of gameplay.

Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Aero

The Elite Atlas Aero is another great headset especially for PC gamers. It comes with built in 3D audio for an extremely realistic experience by providing pinpoint location accuracy as well as lifelike sound. It also comes with a multitude of EQ settings and other customisable features for the more demanding gamers. 

The headset itself feels quite sturdy but doesn’t clamp down on your head unlike many others. With gel infused ear cushions, it supports those who wear glasses whilst playing. However, for extended sessions of use, there are probably more comfortable alternatives out there.

HyperX HX-HSCA-RD Cloud Alpha

A slightly cheaper alternative is the HyperX, which is a good choice for less than £100. The headset has dual chamber drivers to create more distinctive audio with less distortion. The inline volume control also allows for easy and flexible management of audio with limited interruption to gameplay. 

And for those times when you want some carefree game time alone, the detachable microphone really comes in handy. The design comes with a hot red & black paint job on a sturdy metal frame, with comfy leatherette earcups.

Final Thoughts

Some of these brands might seem quite pricey at first glance, but you can bet that you’ll never regret forking out for a good quality headset – as it will reflect in your performance. This is just one of the essential requirements that Twitch streamers use to help optimise their gaming experience.

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