3 Upcoming eSports Tournaments in 2021

Tournaments and live events have been a massive contributor to the growth of the eSports industry. Every year the teams become more tactical, the prize pools get bigger, and the viewership numbers continue to skyrocket.

Unfortunately, the effect of the pandemic in 2020 has had quite the negative impact on the industry, as it caused many eSports events like The International to be cancelled. However, there are still some extremely exciting tournaments that are set to run in 2021. Not only are they fun to watch, you can even make a nice bit of money too! Here are some of the best tournaments coming up in 2021 for you to place your bets on.

League of Legends Worlds 2021

In an official statement, Riot Games decided to consolidate the Worlds 2020 event solely to Shanghai, as well as banning the live audience in order to minimise health risks. Usually LoL tournaments engage in tours all around the host region to give as many chances as possible for the fans to experience the event in person. Due to the travel restrictions imposed on the Worlds 2020, Worlds 2021 will again return to China for a full country tour!

The International 2021

The hosts of one of the most legendary tournaments in eSports, Valve, are extra keen to put on a good show in 2021, after they were forced to cancel earlier this year. Whilst the official date hasn’t been announced just yet, The International will still be taking place at The Globe in Stockholm, renowned for hosting large scale concerts and events. The total prize pool is still unknown for the time being, but no doubt it will be a life changing sum of money!

CS GO Major Championship Spring 2021

Many of Counterstrike’s tournaments have gone completely online, such as the ESL One Cologne. However, the Major Spring 2021 already has a launch date of May 2021, with the usual $1 million prize pool. You can check out their official blog to keep yourself updated here: https://blog.counter-strike.net/

These tournaments are great opportunities to make some easy money by betting on the top teams involved, so keep your eyes peeled for the best odds! Learn about the biggest prize pools that eSports tournaments have had to date!

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