3 Upcoming First-Person Shooter eSports Games

There’s one thing that makes eSports better than regular sports and it’s that the possibilities for innovation are endless. Games like Rainbow Six Siege are constantly updating the way players enjoy the game. Ensuring that the content stays fresh and exciting!

Along with that, the industry already supports a wide array of games, teams and fanbases, which continues to expand every year. Here are 3 upcoming first-person shooters in competitive gaming!


Diabotical is a new free to play first-person arena shooter released in September 2020. It is based in a robotic universe, where players battle it out across a number of game modes. These include 1v1 Duel or team Wipeout matches. Players can customise their own wacky characters and pick from a wide variety of weapons to use on 30 different maps.


Riot Games are continuing to expand their portfolio of games with their latest FPS, Valorant. Which was originally referred to as “Project A” in early 2020. Inspired by the Counterstrike franchise, the game was released in June 2020. It’s already beginning to gain an impressive amount of traction within the eSports community.

Set on a future earth, Valorant is a tactical shooter where players use their abilities to provide endless opportunities for creative gunplay.

Quake Champions

Quake is an extremely fast-paced arena shooter. Designed for those who want to play a pure skill-based FPS. From its release in August 2017, the game has built up a sizeable fanbase, and it is continuing to make its mark on the world of eSports.

The Quake Pro League was announced in 2019 by Bethesda. Which was set to run from QuakeCon 2019, and finish at QuakeCon 2020. One of the next big events includes the 2021 Quake World Championship, which will have a grand prize pool of $150,000!

Thanks to the explosive growth in competitive gaming. There are so many different companies working to create the next big thing. This means the eSports industry will continue to grow and develop too!

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