3 Upcoming Valorant esports teams

Released in mid-2020 by Riot Games, Valorant is a free tactical FPS that is becoming increasingly popular amongst gamers. It is also starting to gain traction in eSports, with more and more teams being announced each month.

The game is considered to be a close competitor to Counterstrike Global Offensive. With the added addition of player abilities as seen in games like Rainbow Six Siege or Overwatch. The “Valorant Ignition Series” took place throughout 2020, which involved a series of tournaments designed to build the Valorant competitive ecosystem.

Here are some of the upcoming eSports teams to watch for the exciting new FPS.

Dignitas Female

Known for being two-time world champions at CS:GO, Dignitas Female have added to their eSports presence to accommodate a team for Valorant. The team are recognised as one of the best female CS:GO teams in the world.

Some of their achievements include placing first at both GirlGamer eSports festivals in 2017 and 2018. As well as being second in the DreamHack Showdown Summer 2020. Guided by their captain EMUHLEET, they will be amongst the first of all-female teams to compete in the game.

Gen. G

Established in 2017, Gen G are a leading esports organisation, with multiple teams operating in the worlds leading eSports markets. They lead in places such as China, South Korea and the USA.

In May 2020 they announced their brand new Valorant team, with their 5 Canadian players including MkaeL, Huynh, Player1, Effys, and gMd. So far Gen G have been recognised for several achievements, as well as being included on the Forbes list of world’s most valuable eSports companies.

They’ve also been the winners of 7 global championships in games such as League of Legends, Overwatch and Fortnite. 


Most known from their League of Legends presence, Immortals are an eSports team based in America, and they were one of the latest companies to create a Valorant roster.

In May they announced their initial roster of 4 players. So far, their team consists of Koler, Genghsta, jcStani, and Diceyzx, who replaced Bhorlulu. Unsurprisingly, all 5 players have extensive backgrounds in Counterstrike. 

All three teams mentioned above will be taking place in the Pop Flash x Ignition for Valorant, which is the final event in the ignition series in 2020. Don’t forget to have your bets placed before the big events go live!

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