An Introduction to G2 eSports

G2 eSports is one of the biggest competitive gaming companies in the world. The organisation was founded in 2013 by Carlos ‘ocelote’ Rodriguez, who was a former League of Legends player. G2’s ultimate goal is to push eSports to the next level, by gathering more team achievements and producing high quality content for their fans.

Currently, they have team a presence in a wide variety of games such as Valorant, Counter Strike, and Fortnite. Every month they garner millions of views across multiple online platforms by passionate fans who love to watch them at work. Here is a short overview of the gaming behemoth that is G2 eSports!

League of Legends

Their LoL team has seen huge success since their first major win at the LCS Promotion in 2015. In one split, G2 went from playing in the Challenger Series to conquering the European Championship series – making them the first team to ever do so.

Since then they’ve managed to win the title four times in a row. You can watch G2 participate in weekly matches against other professional teams, such as in the LoL European Championship.

Rainbow Six Siege

G2 have a siege team that competes in the European League which is the highest level of competitive play in Europe. They made big news in the industry in 2018, when they signed the PENTA Sports roster for the Six Major group stages in Paris. So far, the team have won many competitions, including the Six Major 2018, European Pro League Season 8, and the Six Invitational 2019.

Rocket League

A slightly different addition to their usual portfolio of mainly shooter-based teams, G2 have had a presence in Rocket League since 2016. They acquired the roster of iBUYPOWER, who were the RLCS Season 1 World Champions, to secure their place in Rocket League eSports.

Since then, the team have undergone a few changes to their roster, however this hasn’t impacted on the number of impressive achievements they’ve managed to accumulate. This includes the RCLS Seasons 2, 5 and 9. They also secured the win at the Rocket Royale & the ELEAGUE Cup in 2017.

Extra Bits

Being such a large organisation, G2 have attracted partnerships from a variety of different companies, including Logitech, Mastercard, and Twitch! They’ve even developed their own line of hardware, clothing & accessories, for the fans who want to be a part of their movement.

Being such a high achieving organisation, they’re a great team to bet on to ensure you make some money. Check out our reviews to find out where you can get the biggest bang for your buck!

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