Avoiding Most Common Esports Betting Mistakes

An old Latin phrase says: “Errare humanum est“.  It literally means to err is human. No one is born perfect and we all make mistakes. However, we need to learn from those mistakes. Luckily, we don’t have to learn from our own mistakes when we can learn from someone else’s. That’s why we made a list of most common Esports betting mistakes people tend to make. Make sure to stay tuned and you won’t have to learn from your own mistakes because you can avoid them.

Exclude Emotions

Never let your emotions interfere with your wallet. Watching your favourite Esports team play is always fun. However, don’t bet on your favourite team. When it comes to that, you just can’t be rational. You will always think that your team is good enough and that they will win, when in fact, that isn’t the case.

Don’t Rage Bet

Another thing that is connected to emotions is rage betting. If you just lost a huge bet, don’t make another mistake and place another one just because you are angry. It won’t get you anywhere. You can only lose more money which can later lead to addiction.

Never go All-in

Going all-in can never be a solution. All-in bets are too risky to even think about them. No matter how certain you are that one team will beat another, just don’t go all-in. If you are on a winning streak and have a huge profit, all it takes to lose it all is just one all-in bet. Therefore, your “all-in bet” should be only 30% of your bankroll and not a cent more. This type of bet should be used only on well-analyzed matches with high win probability.

Be Aware of Your Limits

Another common Esports betting mistake people tend to make is overestimating themselves. You need to stay on the ground and know your limits. Never bet more than you can afford to lose. If you heard your friend just wagered $1000 on a certain bet it does not mean you have to do the same. You should only place the amount you can actually afford to lose because there is a possibility to lose it.

Know when to Stop

No matter how high your ROI and your profit are, you should never consider betting as a source of income. No one can live only from betting. Consider betting as a hobby that costs money but it can result in a profit from time to time. And always remember: When the fun stops, stop! Be gable aware and never let it become anything more than just a hobby.

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