Background on FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan is are a globally recognised American eSports company headquartered in Los Angeles. Founded in May 2010 by “CLipZ”, “Resistance”, and “Housecat” (now Timid), the group were solely a Call of Duty sniping clan. Since then the organisation has grown into the huge behemoth that it is today, with teams operating in games like COD, Counter Strike, PUBG, Rainbow Six Siege, FIFA, and Fortnite. Here is a short introduction to the legendary eSports organisation that is FaZe Clan.

How they Began?

The founding trio grew their reputation online by implementing various trick shotting techniques to impress their viewers. Slowly but surely the clan began to grow as they brought on new members like Fakie and Temperr (who is the current CEO), to increase the output of gaming content. One of the most popular series hosted by FaZe was “ILLCAMS”, featuring some of the best public killcams, traditionally those that would end a round/ game.

Their Presence in 2020

Fast forward to 2020 and their growth has exploded in the form of over 8 million subscribers on their YouTube channel! After purchasing the $30,000,000 “FaZe House” for their content creators, their videos began to focus on a variety of lifestyle activities as well as gaming-based entertainment. Some members living inside the house include Richard “Banks” Bengtson, Nordan “Rain” Shat, and Alex “Adapt” Prynkiewicz. The FaZe fanbase help the channel to attract millions of views on every video.

Awards in eSports

FaZe Clan also have a strong presence in eSports, which began in 2012 when they established their first competitive team in Call of Duty. So far, the clan have managed to rack up over $9,000,000 in winnings across over 345 tournaments, averaging at just over $25,000 a tournament! Some of their highest earning players include “rain”, “niko” and “karrigan”. They also came first in the BLAST Pro Series Copenhagen 2019, earning them a healthy $125,000 cash prize reward!

Final Thoughts

FaZe are competing in eSports matches quite frequently, so be sure to have your bets placed for your favourite games! Or check out another big fish in the realm of competitive gaming; G2 eSports!

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