Best Clothing Brands for Gamers

As game developers continue to create new and exciting adventures for players to experience, the popularity of gaming merch has also increased. Whilst you can find some clothing choices on websites like Etsy or Amazon, the options available can be quite generic and uninspired. Thankfully, there are plenty of other selections out there from creators with a dedicated passion for gaming. Here are some of the best clothing brands for gamers in 2020!

Hot Topic 

Hot Topic is an extremely popular American retail chain founded in 1988. The brand provides a variety of apparel options from a range of fandoms. Their line of accessories is also very impressive, including vinyl’s, board games, keyrings, bedsheets, and a hell of a lot more! You can even find a number of different costumes for any future Halloween or fancy-dress parties!

Design by Humans 

If you’re looking for intricately designed t-shirts created by independent artists, Design by Humans can help you find the right design for you. Some of their licensed products originate from recognised brands like Borderlands, Star Wars and Assassins Creed. They pride themselves on raising awareness for the fan art designs coming directly from die-hard gaming individuals trying to get their name out there as an artist, so check them out!


J!NX is another hugely popular clothing and accessories brand in the gaming world. Founded by Sean Gailey and Tim Norris in 1999, the Californian based company have a lot to offer in terms of gaming apparel. The uniquely named J!NX have managed to secure agreements with many big-name publishers such as Minecraft, Rocket League, World of Warcraft, and even PUBG! 

Despite being less focused on working with independent artists in comparison with their competitor Design by Humans, they still have some pretty great merch available for gamers and geeks alike.

Final Thoughts

Whilst there are a variety of competitive gaming companies that provide their own lines of gaming merch like 100 Thieves or Team SoloMid, these are some great movements without much of a presence in eSports right now.

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