Best Gaming Desks for Competitive Play

No matter what platform you’re playing on, when it comes to competitive gaming you need to optimise your setup for success. Using the best gaming desk for your needs will allow you perform in style when it comes to gameplay! This post will give you some ideas to help you find the right desk for you. Make sure you check out this post to get a decent gaming chair to go along with it too! <<< Insert Gaming Chair Post Link >>>

Arozzi Arena

Coming in at around £250, the Arozzi Arena is one of the best desks for Twitch gamers, as it provides a wealth of desktop real estate for multiple monitors as well as any other peripherals. One of the best features would be that the whole desktop space serves as your own mouse mat! So you can kiss goodbye those vexing moments when you run out of room. Another great feature is the built-in mesh hammock for simplified cable management. 

One word of warning, this desk is ideal for placing on carpets or steady thick rugs, as opposed to hard wood flooring!Desktop Dimensions: 32×63 inches
Height: 28-32 inches
Supporting Weight: 176lbs.

Eureka Ergonomic I1

The Eureka Ergonomic is a more affordable option compared to the Arozzi Arena, falling just under £130. The blacked-out frame and carbon fibre tabletop provides that dynamic gamer look without breaking the bank. Using elements like the integrated cable tray and grommets, you’ll be able to optimise your setup with effective wire management. Thanks to the adjustable levelling, you can reduce friction and noise when sliding or moving your desk. 

Due to the lower price, there is some compromise on the desk space available, but nevertheless it’s a great option for the less demanding gamers!Desktop Dimensions: 115x60cm
Height: 75cm
Supporting Weight: 150lbs

Final Thoughts

Be sure to do plenty of your own research before you make any final decisions. These desks above are a great starting point if you’re looking to upgrade your gaming setup. Matched with a decent headset and and chair, you’ll be living your best gaming life in no time.

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