Best Gaming Monitors for Competitive Gaming in 2020

When it comes to competitive gaming, there’s a huge difference between using any old computer monitor and using one that is specifically designed for gamers. You can benefit from wider viewing angles, reduced motion blur or a practically non-existent input lag to provide the best experience for the most crucial of scenarios. This post will highlight a couple of the best gaming monitors available for competitive gameplay in 2020, which would go perfect with a perfect desk.

Samsung C49RG9

If you’re planning to take immersion to the max, the Samsung C49RG9 will do just that! Coming with a whopping 32:9 display, this product packs the equivalent of two 1440p monitors in one! With a 120Hz refresh rate, combined with the AMD Free Sync 2 technology, it allows for a crisp HDR content display, as well as low input latency. 

If you’re looking for an impactful statement to complete your gaming setup, no doubt this will top it off nicely! Although its probably best for playing MOBA games rather than fast paced FPS’s, due to the viewing angles being not so great…

Size49 Inches
Resolution 5120×1440
Maximum Refresh Rate120 Hz
Variable Refresh RateFree Sync


The ASUS VG279QM series is possibly one of the best gaming monitors for eSports players. The epic motion handling feature serves as an invaluable element for fast-paced environments, and its max refresh rate of 280 Hz makes it one of the best available. 

HDR technology as well as a professional colour gamut offers an extremely precise contrast & colour performance that meets the DisplayHDR 400 certification! However, it’s not the best option if you like gaming in the dark due to the low contrast ratio on the IPS panel. It’s also not great for cable management at the base, but if you’re looking for a high-quality gaming experience, this is a good one to bet on!

Size27 Inches
Resolution 1920×1080
Maximum Refresh Rate280 Hz
Variable Refresh RateFree Sync

Final Thoughts

It’s always worth forking out for a high-quality monitor that will last, as well as offer plenty of value. Once you’re happy with the visual element of your experience, why not find the best gaming headset to improve your audio quality?

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