Best Gaming PCs for Competitive Play

In competitive gaming, a high-quality setup can set you back quite a lot of money. Possibly the most important part of your setup is the gaming PC you use. Traditionally, competitive online gaming can be quite demanding on your PC, so you need to choose the right hardware that meets your needs.

This post will briefly run you through some of the best PCs for competitive gaming in 2020 which will look great on your new gaming desk!

MSI Trident 3 10th 

The MSI Trident is the best small form factor gaming PC for those with a limited amount of space to work with. Being not much larger than a gaming laptop, it’s a lot more affordable than the more heavy-duty gaming PCs. 

In terms of performance, it offers a great eSports experience for games like World of Warcraft or League of Legends. Although for highly intense multiplayer games like Warzone or Battlefield, don’t expect an amazing frame rate!

Whilst it’s a suitable option for those on a budget, it’s best for those who aren’t interested in upgradeability as there are limited options available.

Alienware Aurora R11

Engineered with 10th Gen Intel processors and optional liquid cooled graphics, the Alienware Aurora is the best gaming PC in almost every way. 

With multiple upgrade options including 5 different configurations of Comet Lake CPUs to choose from, there is ample opportunity for you to design the PC to meet your own needs. 

Don’t worry about putting too much pressure on the machine itself, thanks to the Alienware AIO cooling system, you can keep the interior at the optimal temperature. 

It’s also the official PC of choice for popular eSports brand, Team Liquid!

Final Thoughts

This should give you an idea of what to look for when searching for the best gaming PC for you, which if partnered with one of the best gaming chairs, will provide you with hours and hours of high level gaming.

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