Best MMORPG Games to Play

MMORPG, or Massive Multiplayer Role-Playing Games stretch all the way back to the late 1980s with those such as Habitat and Island of Kesmai. In the 21st Century they have developed into complex universes, with regular updates and enormous long-term fan followings. This page will cover some of best MMORPGs that you can play in 2020!

Old School RuneScape

RuneScape is a game that most gamers have played at some point in time. The game offers a variety of features, whether you’re training one of your 27 skills or completing a grandmaster quest to wield weapons like the Dragon Scimitar, or even if you’re wandering the wilderness looking for other players to PK! 

After receiving a massive drop in active players due to the Evolution of Combat update in 2012, the developers Jagex decided to release an older version of the game from a 2007 backup server. Hence Old School RuneScape was born, and it’s currently played by tens of thousands of players all over the world every day. RS already offers a competitive gaming element with “Deadman Mode”, where players create a brand-new account. Operating in a fully PVP environment, players have less than 1 month to train as much as they can until they must face off against their competitors in a final battle to determine the winner. The whole time you have to be careful not to get killed by other players… so no AFKing! Whilst it has been predominantly an online PC game since it began, they released a mobile version in 2018.

Final Fantasy XIV

FF14 is a strong contender for the king of MMORPGs. Not only does it have an incredibly captivating storyline across the land of Eorzea, the graphics are stunning, the functionality is robust, and the updates maintain a consistent level of quality as well as imagination. 

Their third expansion, Shadowbringers was released in 2019. In a world that had already fallen into an apocalyptic nightmare, players are tasked with a quest to restore the night in a place overrun by the forces of Light. The game is available on PC and console.

Final Thoughts

Whilst MMORPGs are yet to make a strong impact on the eSports industry, they’re still a lot of fun to play and could be seen in big competitions one day! If you’re looking for some new games that you can place your bets on then there’s plenty of options available to choose from.

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