Best Professional FIFA Players

FIFA professional Esports scene isn’t so popular as other Esports are. That’s why a lot of you can’t even name a single professional FIFA player. Truth to be told, EA Games is to blame. They need to implement Esports mode in this game if they want to wake up the Esports scene and see FIFA thrive in it. Another useful thing will be cross-platform which still isn’t supported and is highly necessary if they ever plan for this game to succeed on Esports level. Be that as it may, FIFA community is strong and the game, with all the obstacles, is still being played on the competitive level and has its own small Esports scene. 

Mohhamed “Mo Auba” Harkous – eWorld Cup Champion

Mo Auba is a young German player who currently plays for FOCUS CLAN. He won FIFA eWorld Cup 2019 and became the first player from Germany to ever do it. He also received $250,000 reward for doing so. Mo Auba is a raw talent and arguably the best player of FIFA 19. Truth to be told, he wasn’t so good in FIFA 20 and the best he did was a second-place at eChampionship League 2020 Invitational. Even though he does play on Xbox, Auba still prefers PS4 over any other console. 

Donovan “Tekkz” Hunt – Highest Earnings 

Tekkz is a member of Team Fnatic and a proud representative of the England national team. This 19 years old player won FIFA eClub World Cup 2019 and was third in 2020. With great performances at such a young age, there is no wonder Liverpool signed him to defend their colours at ePremier League Tournament in both 2019 and 2020. He won 10 tournaments, was a runner-up in 1 and had 6 third places which got him a total of $420,000 so far. Despite already being the highest-earning FIFA player ever, Tekkz still has a lot to learn and his time will surely come. 

Anders Vejrgang – The Wonder Kid

If you follow any FIFA related page on any social media you surely heard about Anders Vajrgand, the wonder kid. This 14-years old player is still too young to compete on the professional level but his weekend league scores are incredible. Vejrgang still did not lose a single game in FIFA 21 weekend league and currently has a 270-0 run. A lot of amateur players are trying to copy his team and playstyle but no one can do it like him. He currently plays for RB Leipzig Esports. 

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