Best World Records in Gaming & eSports

As the gaming & eSports community has grown, so has the number of passionate gamers who are trying to break and set their own world records in the industry.

Some achievements are based around the best performances ever seen in competitive gaming, whereas others have been established by some pretty creative individuals!

This post will outline some of the most impressive world records in the gaming industry as of 2020

Fortnite World Cup 2019

In 2019, as many as four world records were set when Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf became the youngest person ever to win the Solo Fortnite World Champion title. The 16-year-old from Pennsylvania USA came out on top amongst 99 other players, to win the grand prize of $3 million! This set the record as the largest pay-out ever to a single player in an eSports tournament.

The remaining $12 million was split between the rest of the competing individuals, even the person in last place took home $50,000! Another record was set in the Duos match, where players Nyhrox and Aqua took home the $3 million prize fund, as they became the first Fortnite Duos World Champions. 

Highest Xbox GamerScore

GamerScore is calculated by the number of achievements that a player has completed across a variety of games. As of February 2018, Raymond “Stallion83” Cox had managed to achieve a GamerScore of as much as 1.7 million, including 3,300 points originating from Halo: The Master Chief Collection.

The Youngest Professional Gamer

At just 4-years-old, Victor De Leon III, also known as “Lil Poison”, entered his first competition for Halo in New York. Only 1-year later he was competing in the Major League Games, and at age 7 he signed an exclusive deal to become the youngest ever signed professional gamer!

Final Thoughts

If you’re thinking of breaking a few records yourself, you will need some good equipment to set yourself up for success, luckily we’re here to get you started with what you need get and what you need to know with our ever growing library of articles.

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