Brand Partnerships in eSports in 2020

Every month there are dozens of new partnerships between eSports organisations and companies from various industries who want to gain exposure within the competitive gaming arena. The increasing level of viewership numbers have attracted brands who recognise the huge advertising potential for their business. 

Brand sponsorships account for an enormous volume of the revenue within the eSports industry. In 2021, sponsorships from big companies like Coca Cola and Nike are expected to climb above $1.3 billion. This post will outline some of the brand partnerships and sponsors in eSports today!

KIA Motors

North American eSports team Rogue contracted an agreement with KIA Motors for their League of Legends squad in Europe. Currently the partnership is set to last for 1 year, which will see their LEC team using KIA vehicles for travelling.

Rogue will utilise celebrities that are invested in their parent company ReKTGlobal, to create video content as part of their agreement. Some far they’ve announced people such as Steve Aoki and Nicky Romero, showing that even celebrities are getting more involved into the world of esports.


German based car manufacturer BMW are trying to amplify their name in eSports on a global scale, by establishing various partnerships with a number of different organisations from around the world such as Cloud9, G2 eSports, T1 and Fnatic. 

Their sponsorships will see these companies producing content across their social media platforms, as well as various products and programs. There has also been mention of a “technological transfer” from BMW hardware & software engineers!

T1 CEO Joe Marsh highlighted this in a statement “T1 is thrilled to be a partner with BMW to elevate innovation and entertainment within the gaming industry”. No doubt this will be a lucrative partnership for the world of gaming!

Similar to KIA Motors, BMW will also be providing their cars to use as transport to and from their events.

Final Thoughts

As the eSports industry continues to get bigger, so do the number of opportunities for brands who want to get involved! This has led to some globally recognised brands having their own esports teams.

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