Celebrities Invested in eSports

Competitive gaming has been increasing in popularity very quickly over the past few years and is nowhere near finished yet. In 2021, eSports revenues are expected to top $1.6 billion!

The impressive future growth potential of eSports has attracted a lot of attention from big companies, as well as wealthy investors. Here are 3 well-known celebrities who have vested interests in the eSports industry!


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Globally recognised recording artist Drake is an unexpected celebrity with ties to eSports. In 2018 it was announced that he became the co-owner of popular eSports and lifestyle brand, 100 Thieves.

Drake also caused a social media uproar in 2018. He went viral by playing Fortnite with Twitch’s number 1 streamer ‘Ninja’.

In 2019, he also joined a group of wealthy investors to fund an upcoming eSports brand named ‘Players Lounge’. Which is a company which hosts host casual players against each other for cash prizes. It’s a great movement for those who are looking to get involved in eSports. It’s expected to be a huge influence on the world of competitive gaming!


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Sean Combs, (also known as Diddy) is a well-established rapper and billionaire business mogul. In 2018, he partnered with a group of investors to provide over $30 million in funding for PlayVS; which is an eSports league based in California. PlayVS provide leagues, scheduling, and infrastructure for eSports events.

It’s an extremely inspirational movement for young aspiring eSports players, as it allows them to demonstrate their skills amongst their peers in the hopes of attracting collegiate scholarship offers.

Michael Jordan

Credit: The Business Journals / https://www.bizjournals.com/losangeles/news/2018/10/25/michael-jordan-jumps-into-esports-as-investor.html

Basketball legend Michael Jordan first leaped into the eSports industry in 2018, with a modest $26 million investment compared to his $1.5 billion net worth. Jordan invested in aXioamatic Gaming, who are the current owners of the eSports organisation Team Liquid. He too mentioned the potential he saw in eSports as a fast-growing industry at the time of his investment.

The size of investment from these individuals alone goes to show that there is still huge potential for competitive gaming. It also proves that eSports is starting to attract more than just the traditional stakeholders like gamers and tech investors which is exciting news for the industry.

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