CS:GO vs Valorant

Counter-Strike was, without any doubt, the only Esports competitive game with no real competition. There were other FPS games but CS:GO was the only one with a live in-game economy and unique weapon spray patterns. Everything changed with the release of Valorant. This game is so similar to CS:GO that many people claim it is only a copy, but yet, it is so different on many levels. So, which game is better, CS:GO or Valorant? 

Game Mechanics

Truth to be told, both games have similar mechanics where you need to practice your skill in order to get better. The skill in both games is not just aiming; it is a combination of aim, movement, strategy, and economy management. With that in mind, it is not enough to just have a good aim in order to be good in any of those 2 games. 


Everyone who had a good aim in CS:GO also has it in Valorant. Aiming functionates pretty much the same in both games. There are 3 aiming techniques, tapping, bursting and spraying. Tapping refers to firing one bullet at the time, bursting 3-4 bullets and spraying is a technique of firing multiple shots at the same time. The biggest similarity of those two games are unique spray patterns for every weapon. It is not easy to control spraying if you don’t know the pattern. On the other side, patterns aren’t the same and you will need to learn them separately.   


When it comes to movement, both games allow 4 options; run, crouch, walk, and jump. If you are running in Valorant you will be able to see the “sound circle” on a mini-map so you know exactly when to start walking. Also, some Agents in Valorant have special movement abilities like Jett, Raze, and Omen. Jett can glide through the air and avoid taking any fall damage. She can also jump really high and run from a fight instantly with Tailwind. Raze does not have any special moving abilities but she can jump really high using Blast Pack explosive device. On the other side, Omen is a teleporter and he can teleport on any location on the map.   


Both games are considered as a strategy based FPS. In order to win you need to have a good strategy and know how to use utility properly. CS:GO’s utility are nades while Valorant has abilities. There are only 5 available types of nades in CS:GO: smoke, flash, HE-grenade, decoy, and Molotov or incendiary. They are used for inflicting damage, map control, executing strategies and so on. In Valorant, every Agent has a different set of abilities which makes it simpler and more complex at the same time. It is simpler because everyone knows what is his/her job and you always know what can be used against you just by looking at remaining Agents alive.   


The economy system in Valorant is simple. Every kill rewards you with 200 credits, each won round is worth 3,000 credits while losing more rounds in a row will give you up to 2,900 credits. It is easier to manage the economy because you can always know how many credits will you have in the next round and you can see how many credits your opponents have. Unlike Valorant, CS:GO’s economy is more complex. There are some similarities with rounds won and lost but a kill with each kind of weapon will give you different amounts of money. On top of that, you don’t know how many credits opponents have and you have to keep count and try to predict their eco rounds based solely on your calculations. You also need to calculate how much money will you have in the next round.

When it comes to buying weapons, there is a similar weapon choice in both games. There are pistols, SMGs, shotguns and rifles. The only difference is that Valorant allows you to sell weapons before the round starts. 

Interesting fact: CS:GO players community started calling AWP just “OP”. On the other side, the name of that weapon in Valorant is also “OP” which is short for Operator.  

CS:GO vs Valorant – Conclusion

It is hard to say which game is better. CS:GO is a more realistic game where you need to stay focused all the time. Even though it seems simpler, it is a more complex game and it requires more knowledge and training. Valorant is a game where you can relax and just play for fun. There are multiple Agents you can choose from and, therefore, every game will be different. Both games are great and this really should be a choice. Why not play both of them? In the end, it is all up to you to choose which one you prefer better. 

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