Esports Betting Opportunities in 2021

Due to the global pandemic, a lot of Esports events were either postponed or cancelled last year. There weren’t any significant Esports tournaments that you could bet on. Luckily, predictions for this year are pretty good and there will be plenty of them. Even though the first three months were pretty much empty, we can anticipate a lot of tournaments in the following months. Let’s get down to business and check out the best Esports betting opportunities in 2021. 

Esports Betting in April 2021

The first big upcoming Esports tournament this year will take place in the studio in Malta on April 29th. It is CS:GO tournament DreamHack Masters Spring 2021. The tournament will feature 16 best CS:GO teams from all around the globe. We can expect nothing but good promotions and high odds. 

Esports Betting in May 2021

After DreamHack, CS:GO will take a small break and there won’t be a single tournament in May. Luckily, those who like League of Legends know that Mid-Season Invitational is always played during this month. This year will be no different and the champions of each region will compete for the MSI title. Make sure to look for profitable promotions for your outright bets as the bookies always prepare something special for this tournament. 

Esports Betting in June 2021

There is still not a single notable event scheduled for June this year. We would recommend you to take a break and not bet at all. If you still want to bet there will be IEM Summer and Blast Premier Spring Finals but don’t expect too much from it. 

Esports Betting in July 2021 

Probably the most anticipated CS:GO tournament every year is the one in Cologne. A lot of CS:GO players even admitted it is their favourite tournament so there is no wonder every single team from the Top 10 will compete in it. Even though ESL One Cologne isn’t a Major this year, the prize pool of this tournament will be a whopping $1,000,000. We can’t know for sure what the bookies will offer but they will prepare something because the interest in this tournament is huge. 

Esports Betting in August 2021

We all know that the biggest Esports tournament “The International” was cancelled last year. It was supposed to happen in September this year but, as it seems, the estimated date is moved forward and it will probably happen sometime in August. The exact dates are still unknown but we are positive that Riot won’t disappoint us. Another big tournament that was also cancelled last year is FIFA eWorld Cup 2021. It is nothing compared to “The International” but it should also take place in August. 

Esports Betting in September 2021

September will also be interesting for all bettors as it is the conclusion month of the whole 2021 League of Legends season. Therefore, the 2021 World Championship or just Worlds should be held this month as the event usually takes place in September. 

Esports Betting in October 2021 

The biggest CS:GO tournament in 2021 is currently scheduled for October 23rd. It is a PGL Major in Stockholm which will be the first-ever CS:GO Major with a prize fund of $2,000,000. Every CS:GO Major so far has been a great betting opportunity as there is always a black horse you can profit on. 

Esports Betting in November and December 2021

November and December are just like June. A lot of teams decide to take a break so the tournament calendar is almost empty. However, we will not leave you empty-handed with nothing to bet on. You can still bet on Free Fire Continental in November and Blast Premier Global Final 2021 in December.

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