Esports Betting Using Skins

In the early beginnings, skin betting was the most dominant form of Esports betting. Skin gambling was a multi-billion dollar industry and, by far, the biggest industry related to Esports from 2013 to 2016. Every individual could open a betting website with no need for a license or regulatory bodies. Everything was good until a class-action lawsuit in 2016 when the whole industry collapsed. It is all explained in our article What happened to CS:GO skin betting industry so make sure to check that out if you already didn’t.

But what is with skins betting today? Is it possible to bet CS:GO and Dota 2 skins on Esports matches? Well, it is and you can actually deposit in-game skins and exchange them for money. Keep reading and find out how and where to bet your skins. 


The only legal way to bet your skins today is via SkinPay platform. The platform will evaluate the value of your skin and offer you a monetary equivalent for each skin in real money. If you accept exchange value you just need to send skins to one of their bots and your account will be credited in just a few minutes. You can’t actually go directly to SkinPay and just sell your skins there. It is a third-party payment system and you can use it legally only on few bookmakers that are properly licensed and regulated.  

Where to Bet Skins on Esports? 

Arcanebetis a bookmaker with a great range of matches from both Esports and regular sports to bet on. They accept SkinPay as a deposit option and you can bet your skins on 6 Esports title or even play Casino games for it. They currently support CS:GO, Dota 2, Rocket League, King of Glory, and Rainbow Six

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LOOT.BET – is Esports betting website with the primary focus on Esports games. They currently offer 25 Esports titles to bet on. There is also a casino with so-called “Esports in slots“ games with Esports thematics. LOOT.BET offers a great market for all Esports games and even better odds. The only downside of this site is that they do not have any regular sports in their markets so you will have to use another bookmaker to bet on real sports. 

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BUFF.betis another Esports dedicated website with 11 Esports titles to bet on. On top of that, also offers casino, live casino, virtual sports and regular sports in their markets. This website is a full-package and you will get everything you can look for in one betting website. And yes, also accepts skins as a payment method.

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150% Bonus up to €/$100 on your First Deposit

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