Flashpoint 2 – Analysis & Betting Prediction

With the Major in Rio being cancelled, Flashpoint 2 is the biggest CS:GO tournament in 2020. The tournament features 12 teams and a prize pool of whopping $1,000,000. Due to COVID-19 pandemic and security reasons, the tournament will be played online.

Tournament Format

Even though it appears to have a similar format like many other tournaments, there is a big difference. A total of 12 teams is divided into three groups of four but on a specific way. Best teams are automatically seeded in different groups. After that, each team selected one of the remaining teams to be added to their group. The process continued and those recently selected teams choose another team to be added to their group until the groups were filled. However, the final three selected teams could propose a team swap in every group. After final swaps, the groups look like this: 

Group A:

–          Fnatic

–          c0ntract

–          Dignitas

–          MAD Lions

Group B:

–          Team Envy

–          forZe

–          BIG

–          MIBR

Group C:

–          Cloud9

–          Virtus.pro

–          OG

–          Gen.G Esports

Unlike last year, the group stage will feature only one stage instead of three. Double elimination (GSL) format groups with Upper and Lower brackets. All 1st (Upper Bracket Winner) and 2nd  (Lower Bracket Winner) placed teams advance to the Playoffs directly, 3rd  (Upper Bracket Finalist) placed teams proceed to Last Chance Stage while only one of 4th  placed teams also has a chance to earn a spot in the Last Change Stage.

The Last Chance Stage is a single-elimination bracket and all matches are Bo3. Top 2 teams advance to the Playoffs.

Playoffs feature double-elimination bracket and all matches are Bo3.

Flashpoint 2 Betting Prediction

Out suggestion is to avoid betting in Group Stages of this tournament. Anything can happen in Group Stage and you need to be sure which teams are really in good form to compete for the trophy. It is an online tournament and it won’t be like last year. Even though Mad Lions and MIBR were in the Grand Finals last season, they had a lot of roster changes. Mad Lions changed 2 players while MIBR isn’t even the same team anymore. In fact, only one player (kNgV-) from last season is still playing for this team. Out of seven founding temas, none of them has the same roster so last year’s performance means nothing here.

The biggest favourite to win this tournament is, by far, BIG. Don’t get me wrong, if this was a LAN tournament, things would be different. This German cored team showed great performance on every online tournament, the online format just suits them which can be seen from their recent results. At the beginning of 2020, BIG was a mediocre team placed at 46th place. As soon as the format changed to online, they rose all the way up to the first place and stayed there for the whole 2 months. They are still in Top 5 and the best-ranked team on this tournament. Our suggestion is to bet on BIG to win outright.

On the other side, if you like to chase high odds and dark horses, MAD Lions is the right team for you. They are currently in decent shape with 4 out of 5 wins in last 5 matches. After all, they are the current title holders of this tournament.

Where to Watch Flashpoint 2?

If you wonder where to watch Flashpoint 2 matches don’t worry because we got you covered. You can watch all matches online on their official Twitch.tv and YouTube channels.

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