Four Types of Bets You Can Place on eSports

The world of eSports betting has continued to diversify over the past few years. This gives you endless options for making money.

There are plenty of games being played competitively that you can bet on. Including DOTA, Valorant, LoL, COD and many others. In order to get the most money out of the events you bet on, you need to know of the ways you can place bets. This post will cover four of the main types of eSports bets that you can use to make money.

Tournament Winner

Possibly the simplest of all bets, ‘Tournament Winner’ bets are extremely popular. These bets can be made well in advance of any competitions, including The International, the Six Invitational or DreamHack. Whilst these bets are difficult to predict so far in advance. It is an exciting bet to place if you’re supporting a certain team throughout a tournament.

Match Winner

Just like any other betting site, match winner applies to a wide variety of games. Whether you want to bet on the winners of a certain playoff, or even make a last minute bet on who will win in the final stage of a PUBG match. It’s a fun way of being involved in games going on right now.

First Blood

Similar to betting on the first team to score a goal in a game of football. Also, you can bet on the first player to get a kill. Or the person to draw first blood in a game like Call of Duty. This is where your player and team knowledge will come in handy. You need to know who the most skilled gamers are, versus those who are somewhat reckless in their style of play…

First Map

For almost any shooter, the thing you want to know before anything is “what map am I playing on”. You can then start thinking of strategies to defeat your opponents.

The ‘First Map’ bet is based on who wins the first map to be played by two teams and is great for FPS games. Teams can influence which map they choose to play first. Ultimately, it pays to know who is better at performing on which maps!

The best way for you to see what odds are available would be to check them out yourself. Check out this page to see the types of bets you can place today…

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