How do eSports Players Make Money?

It’s no secret that there is a lot of money in eSports. In fact, some of the most valuable companies in the industry such as Cloud9 are worth over $300 million! With this in mind, esports players are in a great position to make a pretty lucrative career from competitive gaming. This post will outline the many different ways that players can get paid in eSports!

Sponsorship Money 

Sponsorships account for the majority of the revenue within the eSports industry. Most of this goes towards the team being sponsored, and some goes toward the cash prizes for tournament winnings.

Other sponsorships like BMW & G2 eSports involve the usage of BMW cars for transporting players to tournaments and events. Check out our post to learn about some of the biggest brand sponsorships in eSports.

Tournament Winnings

There’s no shortage of prize money available for those crowned the winner of various eSports tournaments. The annual DOTA 2 tournament “The International” holds the record for the largest cash reward, with prizes of over $30 million!


The salary of an eSports player depends mostly on the team they play for, as well as the ability of the team to win tournaments and attract sponsorship money. The average salary in the US & China can be anywhere between $3000-$5000 month! Although higher quality players can attract much more, including work perks like health insurance and pension funds. 

Media Rights 

Media Rights refers to the money paid out to the event organisers or game developers, who often pass cash onto teams in the form of prize money and bonuses. According to Newzoo, this accounted of $250 million of the $1.1. billion total esports revenue in 2019!

Final thoughts

Other ways to get paid in eSports include merchandise and ticket sales as brands continue to grow their fanbases. If you’re thinking of a career as a professional gamer, check out our post on how to find an eSports team to join!

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