How to become a successful Twitch streamer

Twitch streaming has become increasingly popular in recent years, as more and more streamers are making full-time careers playing the games that they love.

However, becoming a successful streamer is very difficult and requires a lot of effort to make it as a professional! This post will teach you 5 of the things that you need to become a successful Twitch streamer.

1. Choose Your Niche

First things first, you need to have an idea of the direction you’re going in. To help you build your initial fanbase, you need to choose a game that you enjoy, but also one that you’re good at.

That will make it a lot easier for you to impress your viewers and draw them in with your skills. Choose a game you love, and make sure you know it inside out. 

2. Good Equipment

If you saw the price tag of the recording studio’s of some of Twitch’s most popular streamers, no doubt it would make your eyes water! It’s a good idea to start with budget options and slowly upgrade your studio as you gain more experience & viewers.

But to give yourself a fighting chance it’s definitely worth forking out for a good quality microphone, camera, and of course broadband for high quality streaming sessions.

3. Good Personal Brand

This is possibly the hardest step to becoming an online personality. Everyday there are thousands of people trying to fulfill their dream of becoming a creator, and so having a strong personal brand is what will separate you from the masses.

Ask yourself, what makes you unique? Are you funny? Perhaps you’re extraordinarily passionate about your niche? Figure out some ways to differentiate yourself from the rest and it will help you to stand out. 

4. The Power of Social Media

The size of the gaming community is quite impressive on social media sites like Reddit and Twitter. It’s a great way of making new friends from across the world, and of course attracting new viewers. Get yourself online and start to engage with other streamers. Maybe even post a funny meme here and there because who doesn’t love a good meme!

5. Hard Work

Often the most overlooked of the bunch, hard work is the essential ingredient that will keep you pushing on through tough times. Understanding that you’re unlikely to see results immediately is key to encourage yourself to push on.

Once you’ve got all of the basics covered, the one thing you will need to bring to your work every day is the courage to keep going. Being any kind of online entertainer is not easy.

It takes an incredible amount of reliance that viewers don’t see when the camera isn’t on. So remember to follow all of the steps above and you will succeed eventually!

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