How to Bet on Fortnite

Betting on Fortnite isn’t like betting on every other Esports game. Fortnite is a Battle Royal based game and there aren’t only 2 teams like in other popular Esports titles. Instead, there can be 100 of players and each one of them can win the game.

Moneyline Betting on Fortnite

Placing a Moneyline wager means placing a wager on a player or team to win the game. The odds on this kind of bet are always high and you can expect 200+ odds on a single player. That means if you wager only $1 you can get more than $200 profit if your chosen player wins the game. Of course, the odds on teams are lower because there are less of them fighting which gives each team a higher probability to win.

Proposition Bets on Fortnite

Moneyline betting isn’t so popular in this game so bookmakers offer prop bets that can increase your chances. You can bet on Top 3 finishers, in other words, who will be the last 3 players alive. You can also bet on the region of the winner or make your own system bet.

System bets allow you to choose multiple players and only one of them needs to win. System bets offer a safer approach but they come with lower odds. Odds depend on the number of your selected players and their probability to win.

Live Betting on Fortnite

Probably the most popular way to bet on this game is In-Play or Live betting. Trying to predict who will win the match at the very start is really hard and almost impossible.

That’s why it is good to use live betting option.  You can make your bets in the middle of the game while it is still played. After you see which players have map and weapons advantage it is easier to place your bets and your chances will greatly increase.

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