How to Choose Good eSports Teams to Bet On

In order to be successful in eSports betting, you need to know what characteristics to look for in teams to give you an idea of who is most likely to win matches.

When it comes to competitive gaming, even the best of casual teams wouldn’t be good enough to beat professional eSports players. So, what exactly is it that makes a professional team so much better than a casual one? This post will cover 3 of the main elements that every eSports team needs to succeed, so you know who is most likely to make you money whilst placing bets.

1. Rigorous Training Routine

Whilst casual players like us can get good at a game by playing often, we don’t have real practice routines to face off against other professionals. The best eSports teams are the ones who train with each other regularly. They create fresh strategies, and at the highest levels each team even has a game “analyst” designed to think outside of the box.

We all know that winning requires skill from each individual player, but that isn’t always enough to win team-based tournaments.

2. Passion

You want to place your money in the hands of people who have a genuine passion for the game that they are competing in.

This is absolutely crucial because it means that teams will most likely be playing the game for fun even when they aren’t training! Therefore, they are more likely to develop new ideas, memorise every nook and cranny of the maps they play on, and even watch other gamers who are doing the same. Often the most serious of eSports players will study their opponents styles of play to find ways of exploiting their weaknesses.

3. Chemistry & Friendship

Just like any other team sport, having good team chemistry is essential. And the teams who know how to complement each other’s abilities, are more likely to win matches. You could put the best players in the world together in a team, but if there are too many lone wolves, then the pack does not survive.

Often it can be easy to forget that eSports players are still doing a job to make a living, and just like in any regular job, you perform better when you get on with your colleagues outside of work.

Check out this post to learn some more tips for making money with esports betting, or if you’re ready, place your first bet here.

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