How to Find an eSports Team to Join

The opportunities for employment within the eSports industry have continued to widen as competitive gaming has developed. For many passionate gamers, it has already become an extremely attractive career option. Not only can it provide lucrative financial rewards, but it is also a chance for people to do what they love for a living – which is something most of us can only dream of! 

Although, it goes without saying that before you can join a team you need to be fairly good at whatever you’re playing. But once you’ve managed to outperform all of your friends and other gamers you come up against in matchmaking, how do you put your skills to the test? Here are some actionable tips to help you find an eSports team to join.

Seek Team is a recruitment network for gamers who want to get involved in eSports. Whether you’re looking for a team to join, or if you’re searching to find that final player to complete your roster, this is a great place to start. You have access to a multitude of gamers from different backgrounds all around the world, including a variety of skill levels and even roles depending on the game you’re playing. 

The service is free to use, with an option to upgrade to premium for more bespoke features like improving your visibility amongst the crowd, as well as access to waiting lists to make it easier to contact others.

GYO Score is another platform that you can use to make your mark in gaming. It’s a great place for those who dream of eSports stardom, or even for those hoping to make new friends in the space. Users can even create group pages on the platform to rally gamers to their cause – all for free!

Create a Personal brand on Social Media

It’s no surprise that putting yourself out there on social media sites can completely change your life. There are plenty of examples of people who’ve made it in eSports by first growing a huge following online such as MacieJay. 

By creating a strong personal brand, you instantly gain more attention than gamers of similar quality who don’t have one, as you will bring along a huge fan following to whichever team you play for. Check out our blog post to learn how you can become a professional Twitch streamer.

Final Thoughts

Using these platforms will be a huge help towards raising your profile, and eventually becoming scouted for a team. After all, if you don’t put yourself out there, nobody will hear about you! Whether you’re doing it as a hobby or want to make a full-time career, now you know where to start. Check out our post to learn about the typical life of an eSports player to give you an idea of what you’re getting into.

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