Is Esports Betting Profitable?

We’ve all heard the phrase “professional bettor”. In theory, professional bettors are actually people who make a living just from betting. So, the question is, can you make a living from Esports betting only? Imagine if you ask your parents that same question. What would their response be? Probably, “no” followed up with some boring story about life decisions and goals. Unfortunately, they will be right as you just can’t rely on Esports betting as a primary source of income. No one can because this is gambling after all. On the other hand, it can be a great secondary source of income that can fill up your wallet from time to time. That being said, let’s see what can you actually do to make it profitable in the long run.

Profitable Way of Esports Betting

Every successful investor and trader uses “1% rule” where they only risk 1% of their balance which makes it impossible for them to ever lose everything. This same rule can be applied to Esports betting. For instance, let’s say your total bankroll is $100. If you risk only 1% per bet that means you will need to lose 100 consecutive bets in order to lose everything. Even though it sounds strange, losings aren’t the only thing you should limit. You should also limit your winnings to 5% of your bankroll. But why is that? This way, you won’t be chasing impossible odds that often result in a loss. 

“1% – 5% Rule”

With today’s Esports markets, it is not hard to find 3 events with combined odds of 5.00 or more and that’s exactly what you should do. You need to win only 1 out of 5 bets in order to maintain the same balance. Every additional win will result in a profit. Mathematically speaking, it is a good strategy, but of course, you will also need knowledge and a little bit of luck.

Luck Factor  

Luck is something that can’t be measured in any way and it can’t be manipulated. We can say that some of us are lucky while others aren’t. Unfortunately, in Esports betting world, luck is a big factor that dictates the pace of everything. Even if you consider yourself as a lucky person, you just can’t rely on that when it can affect your wallet. That’s why we need to minimize the luck factor. In order to do so, you need to stop chasing high odds and play it safe. Successful persons made their own luck and that is the fact. 


We already know that we can’t control luck, but there are some things that we can control. Everything is based on statistics and we need to make them work for us. That’s why it is important to be careful and never place blind bets without any analysis. If you want to bet on any Esports game you need to know that game inside out. Familiarize yourself with every aspect of the game and try to spot strengths and weaknesses odds compiler may not take into account. It can be something small almost negligible like a map pool, roster change or even kryptonite factor. Some teams just don’t perform well on certain maps while some teams have their kryptonites. In other words, no matter how good they are, there are some teams they just can’t defeat. That’s why you should always check all previous head to head duels, their performance on different maps and everything else that can be checked. The cliche saying “bookie always wins” does not always have to be true. In the end, we are the ones that decide what to bet on. Just do your research and try to find as much relevant information as you can before you make a prediction. And remember, you don’t have to bet on every match, only bet on matches you are positive that you can predict their outcome. 

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