Most Valuable eSports Companies

The world of eSports is a constantly evolving environment. The majority of the revenue generated by the industry consists of sponsorships made by globally recognised brands like Nike or Coca Cola. Even the organisations with teams competing in tournaments are increasing in value as time goes on. Here are some of the most valuable eSports companies in 2020!


Team SoloMid are extremely popular eSports brand, valued by Forbes at more than $225,000,000! The company was founded by former player Andy Dinh, who supposedly plans to make TSM the “Dallas Cowboys” of the eSports space.  

Right now, they have teams competing in PUBG, Overwatch, Super Smash Bros, Hearthstone, and a variety of other games. According to eSports Earnings, TSM have managed to accrue over $6.5 million in winnings across more than 600 tournaments! In 2019 they even setup the $1.5 million “TSM Fortnite House” for their roster to live, stream, and practice the game for hours every day. 

Some of their current partnerships include companies like Logitech, Twitch and Grubhub.


Founded by Jack Etienne in 2013, Cloud 9 is one of the most valuable eSports companies in the world, valued at over $300 million by Forbes in 2019. 

In 2020 they announced their brand-new youth program for teens aged 13-15, which is an online summer camp for aspiring eSports players. It’s an 8-week program designed to provide an educational, fun, and collaborative experience to foster growth in game, as well as everyday life. 

They are the proud owners of the UK based London Spitfires, who became the first ever champion of the Overwatch league back in 2018. Cloud 9 even have teams in the latest eSports shooters like Valorant!

Final thoughts

Another honourable mention would be the gaming lifestyle brand, 100 Thieves, owned by Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag.

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