Professional Esports Betting Strategies

If you are looking for professional Esports betting strategies, you came just to the right place. We here at UpYourGame have prepared a special guide covering the most popular Esports betting strategies. Stay tuned and find out which strategy will be the best for you.

Bankroll Management

The most important thing in every Esports betting strategy is bankroll management. You need to know how to manage your bankroll so you can never bet more than you can afford to lose. It is actually pretty simple. Just limit your deposits to once per month and deposit the amount you are willing to spend on betting in that month. If you lose everything and the month isn’t over yet, don’t deposit anymore. Wait for next month and deposit then. This way, you will never lose more than you were actually willing to. If your bankroll at the end of the month is in profit, withdraw the profit and start the month with the same amount you always do.  

Betting Coins Instead of Money

This strategy is becoming more and more popular every day. Just like slot machines exchange your money into coins, you can also do that in Esports betting. Split your total bankroll into 100 coins and decide how many coins you want to place with the maximal amount of 30 coins per a single bet. This way, your all-in bet will never exceed 30% of your current bankroll. In other words, you can’t lose everything and you will have enough coins to gamble the whole month.

Martingale Strategy

The Martingale is a popular Roulette strategy that is also used in Esports betting. It basically means double the bet after every loss. The first win will always return all previous losses with a profit equal or higher to the original stake. For this strategy to work, you need to find at least 2,00 odds for every bet.

For example, you start with $10 and bet it on 2,00 odds. Let’s say your bet is lost. Your second bet will be $20 on another match. Let’s say you also lost that bet. Your next bet should be double which is $40 on odds 2,00. To keep this short, let’s say you won the third bet and $80 with it. Your total profit is equal to your initial bet of $10. $70 to cover all your previous bets 10+20+40 and additional $10 of profit. You profit can also be higher if you bet on higher odds. Once the cycle is done, start over again and bet only $10 on the next match.

System Bet Strategy

If you don’t like to bet on singles and you use bet builder in your every bet, system bet strategy is the best strategy for you. Truth to be told, system betting will reduce profit but it is also a safer approach. This way, you can also win when you don’t get every match correct. You just need to choose how many matches you can miss. The more matches you choose, the lower the profit. However, if you bet on 10 matches on a single ticket it would be wise to place at least 9/10 system. This means you plan to predict correctly 9 out of 10 matches. Even if one match is not won, you will still win a decent amount of profit. 

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