Profitable Esports Betting Strategies

If you are not an experienced bettor you probably do not even know there are different betting strategies people use to make money. Let’s check out some of them and see what it is all about. 

Martingale Esports Betting System

The Martingale system is an old Roulette strategy a lot of players use in today’s Esports betting. This system is even banned from some casinos but it is legal on most Esports betting sites so you can freely use it. All you have to do is double your bet after every loss. Make sure to start with small amounts because it is dangerous and one losing strike is enough to take your whole bankroll. Once you win, you return to the initial stake and repeat the process. 

For example, you bet $1 on 2,00 odds. If you win that bet you won $2 which is $1 of pure profit. However, if you lose, you place another bet but you double your stake. So, you place $2 on 2,00 odds. This way, if you win the second bet your profit will be $4 minus $3 totally staked which is once again $1. If you also lose that bet, you double the stake once again until you win. After the win, return to the initial stake of $1 and start over again.  

Arbitrage Esports Betting 

The only 100% win Esports betting strategy is arbitrage betting or just arbing. This strategy is based on the stock market and retail. In other words, arbitrage is buying an asset in one market only to sell it simultaneously in another market at a higher price. The difference between those two is pure guaranteed profit. The real question is, how to apply this strategy to Esports betting?

Believe it or not, it is actually possible to always make a profit on every bet you place. Just like arbitraging requires multiple markets so you can buy an asset for a lower price and sell it on another market for a higher one, this strategy also requires multiple markets. In other words, you need to have open accounts on multiple Esports betting sites. 

Check out all available Esports Betting Sites in your country and make sure to open an account on every single one of them. If you use our filter and follow our links you can also get a generous welcome bonus on every site which will only boost your profit. 

But how does it work? What to do when you open accounts on all the sites? Well, of course, it is not easy. You need to look for specific matches with a huge difference of opinion of different sites. In other words, one site may think that one team will win the match and the other site thinks that another team is the favourite. For example, site A gave odds 2,10 – 1,90 while site B offered 1,80 – 2,20 on the same match. If you bet $100 on the home team to win on site A and another $100 on the away team to win on site B, you will make a profit no matter the final result. If team A wins you will profit $10 while if team B wins your profit will be $20. 

Of course, this is a perfect case scenario and those matches are rare and almost impossible to find. You will have to look more further into special bets to find a mistake made by the bookie.

This strategy is a very complex one and we will probably make an in-depth explanation in the following articles. So, make sure to stay tuned to UpYourGame and come back to find out more.   

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