Pros & Cons of Free Esports Bets

People prefer free stuff and they just like when something is free. Free stuff is irresistible but it often comes with hidden costs. You are more likely to buy something just because it has free shipping. A lot of marketing campaigned is based on this “free” strategy just to attract new customers and make a profit in a long run. Esports Betting sites are no different. You will often see promotions in form of so-called “free bets”. But what are those free bets, are they really free, and how do they work? Stick around and find out.

Free Bets and Credits 

Almost every Esports bookmaker has some sort of welcome bonus for new customers. Those welcome bonuses can be in form of free bets or free credits. The most common bonus is a 100% boost on your first deposit up to some limit. In other words, the more you deposit, the more you get for free. If the bookmaker offers a 100% bonus of up to $100 you will want to get that maximum amount for free. Therefore, if you were planning to deposit only $50 you are more likely to deposit $100 just to get more free credits and that is the downside of this deal. No one is forcing you to gamble more but you just want to. On the other side, if you are not greedy and you can control yourself you should definitely seize the opportunity and get some free credits to bet with. It is not bad if you know how to control yourself. 

Risk-Free Bet

The second type of free bets is “risk-free bet”. This type of bet is, as I like to call it, a double-edged sword. For example, if the bookmaker offers you risk-free bet up to $25 that means they will refund your first bet up to $25 if you lose it. However, this is a good deal only if you lose that first bet. If you win it, absolutely nothing happens. It really is a risk-free bet but you need to lose it in order to get something out of this bonus type. 

What is The Catch? 

Truth to be told, there is no catch and you will really get free credits or risk-free bet. Bookmakers just want you to deposit more money. Once the money is deposited, you will get free credits and you can use them however you want. However, those free credits come with an attachment. Even though you are free to distribute them on multiple bets and use them however and whenever you want, there are some requirements that have to be met. 

Free Bet Requirements 

Every bookmaker has different rollover requirements. Some of them require you to wager “free credits” 10 to 20 times while some of them have unrealistic requirements like 5000 times which is almost impossible to do. In addition to that, there will often be minimum odds you need to bet on with those free credits. Those odds can vary from 1,50 to 1,90. If you find anything higher, do not accept that bonus. That’s why you always need to read the terms and conditions of every bonus before making a deposit. On the other side, if all requirements are meet and your bet is won you just won some free money. 

Pros & Cons 

Free Bets & Free Credits


  • Get Free Credits and Free Spins 
  • Keep anything you win after requirements are met


  • Wagering Requirements
  • Minimum Odds

Risk-Free Bet


  • Get a second chance if the first bet is lost
  • Aim for high odds without any risk 


  • Don’t get anything if you win the initial bet 

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