The Biggest eSports Tournament Cash Prizes in 2019

The popularity of eSports has continued to build momentum rapidly over the last few years. As the viewership has grown, the prize pools have also seen an increase too.

With multi-million-dollar pay-outs being the norm in some of the biggest tournaments. It’s normal that the prize money up for grabs is astonishingly high. 

Over $200 million in prize money was awarded throughout 2019, across over 4,000 tournaments. Here are some of the biggest events that contributed to this number!

The StarLadder Major 2019 – Counterstrike Global Offensive

The StarLadder Major took place as the 15th CS GO Championship event The event saw 24 teams battle it out for the chance to win the $1,000,000 pot. It’s safe to say that the winning team ‘Astralis’ decimated opponent ‘Avangar’. As they won both of the final games and securing themselves the reward. 

So far, Counterstrike tournaments have awarded out over $80,000,000. In 2019 alone, the estimated total prize money for CS Go tournaments was $21,000,000!

Fortnite World Cup Finals 2019 – Solo and Duo

Fortnite is one of the most famous Battle Royale games of the 21st century, with over 78,000,000 players globally. Two tournaments of 100 players each were conducted in Ney York City in 2019, for both Solo and Duo game modes. 

The combined prize pools amounted to $30,000,000 with every player guaranteed a $50,000 pay out!

The International 2019 (DOTA 2)

Considered the mother of all eSports events, tournaments for Defense Against The Ancients (DOTA) have been occurring since 2011. Taking place in Shanghai, The International 2019 boasted a total prize pool of roughly $35,000,000.

Traditionally featuring 90 players per event, so far it has handed out over $219 million in winnings, with the biggest earner being Danish Johan Sundstein, aka ‘N0tail’. At just 27 years old, he has taken over $6 million from participating in tournaments!

Unfortunately, the 2020 tournament that was set to take place in Switzerland in August has been postponed until 2021, due to the impacts of the corona virus.

Ways You Can Win

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