The eSports Industry Viewership Numbers

It’s safe to say that the eSports industry has seen some incredible growth over the past decade. Not only have the numbers of tournaments, prize money, teams and players increased, but so has the global fanbase too! It’s no surprise that the League of Legends World Championship in 2018 rivalled the annual Superbowl in terms of viewing numbers, which was around 100 million people! Currently the Football World Cup Final holds the record for the most popular live event, as it has consistently brought in over half a billion viewers for the past 3 competitions. 

Whilst its still a topic of debate about how the exact viewership numbers are counted, the amount of people watching eSports is still pretty insane. Here are some mind-blowing viewership statistics that the eSports industry is currently managing to rake in!

Most Watched Events

According to Statista, the size of the eSports audience peaked in 2020 as approximately 495 million people were viewing events. This is estimated to jump to 646 million by 2023!

Time Spent Watching eSports

As more people are consuming eSports content, the hours spent watching eSports videos is also increasing every year. Statista concluded that in 2012, people were spending about 1.3 billion hours watching these videos, which increased to 2.4 billion hours in 2013. This number continued to build until 2018, when viewing hours topped 6.6 billion across the globe! This is an increase of roughly 1 billion hours per year.

Twitch Viewership

Twitch has been a huge contributor to the popularity of online gaming, as content creators manage to rack up billions of collective viewing hours on the platform. In April 2020, Twitch Tracker stated that the number of hours watched peaked at 1.7 billion, the highest it’s ever been!

Esports will only continue to grow as the industry becomes more innovative and entertaining! Make sure you’ve got the best odds you can find for these huge events, as well as checking out how much the eSports industry is worth as of 2020!

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