The Future of Esports Betting

Just 20 years ago no one even knew what Esports was. It all began in South Korea in the early 2000s. In that same time, Western civilisation still wasn’t ready for Esports. It actually became worldwide phenomena after the release of three titles: League of Legends (2009), CS:GO (2012), and Dota 2 (2013). As Esports popularity rose, Bookmakers saw a great opportunity, a completely new market with new customers and Esports betting was born. But what can we expect from Esports betting in the future? Is this the pinnacle of the industry or can we expect growth in the future?

The Growth of Esports Betting

Esports betting industry is growing and that is the fact. According to Statista, in 2015, the total amount of wagered money in Esports was around $ 315 million. Only 5 years later, in 2020, that number rose sharply and it is around $ 23,5 billion. The industry is growing at an exponential pace and even best analytics can’t predict what future hides for this industry. One thing is for sure, Esports betting will continue to grow and we will definitely have more events to bet on in the following years. 

New Customers

As we already concluded, Esports is a relatively young industry and the majority of the audience is still underage. On the other side, Esports betting is allowed only to adults who turned 18 or even 21 in some countries. Just like we used to watch football or basketball, kids nowadays watch Esports events. All those kids will become adults at some point. That being said, we can expect more and more customers in Esports betting community with every upcoming year. 

New Markets

More customers will surely bring new markets, more special bets, and more games to bet on. Of course, we may even see new platforms, maybe even Esports mobile gaming. Just last year, mobile phone games accounted for half of the entire revenue of the video game industry.

Esports on mobile platforms can also bring new challenges and it will take some time to get used to watching players compete by hitting touch screens. That is why today’s mobile Esports does not attract so many spectators, but with more demanding and eye-catching games, that audience will grow quickly. When there is enough audience, bookmakers always find their way to approach that market. 

New Features

Even though Esports is a new industry, betting is not. People have been gambling since time immemorial. Therefore, it is relatively hard to find some new way of betting. Every bet you can place on regular sports can also be placed on Esports. With that in mind, we can’t really expect any new features to Esports betting. On the other side, if a new feature pops up in the regular betting, it will also come to Esports. 

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