The Gaming Success Story of Macie Jay!

Macie Jay, real name Maciej, is a 29-year-old Polish Twitch streamer who currently has over 850,000 followers on the platform. Best known for his highly skilled Rainbow Six Siege content, Macie Jay streams multiple times per week to his viewing audience. This post will tell you all about the success story of Macie Jay in the realm of gaming…

YouTube Background

Macie Jay began his venture into gaming by producing content on YouTube. Whilst his original content were videos of him practicing skateboarding tricks in 2007, he soon switched it up to snippets of him playing popular games like Battlefield and Star Wars in 2014. In early 2016, Maciej started producing Rainbow Six Siege content following the games release in December 2015. Today he has over 1.4 million subscribers who love to watch his highly skilful and innovative approach in Siege.

Twitch Streaming 

Renowned not only for his skill level, but also his extremely friendly and engaging personality, is what makes his viewers love watching his content.  Just 7 months after starting to post Siege content, Macie Jay received a full Twitch partnership in July 2016. Although he battled with a tough choice to put his graduate degree in veterinary school on hold in order to pursue a full-time streaming career. Learn more about what makes a good Twitch streamer with another of our articles.

Venture into eSports

In February 2020, Macie Jay officially signed with eSports company TSM, as part of their streaming team. He officially commented “I’m excited to have the support of TSM as I continue on as a content creator. No longer having to ride it out alone is an amazing feeling and I’m grateful to have such a big org backing me!”

Whilst he isn’t signed to a competitive eSports roster just yet, it would be great to see him involved at some point!

Final Thoughts

This is a great story for those looking for inspiration to make a career from gaming. If you’re thinking about what it takes to be a competitive gamer, check of our article on what the typical life of an esports player is like.

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