The Importance of Value in Esports Betting

In order to be a successful Esports bettor, you need to understand what is value and how to identify value bets in Esports.  But first of all, let’s establish what is value and why is it important in Esports betting? 

What is Value Esports Betting? 

In today’s world, everything has value and the same goes for Esports bets. If you ever talked with more experienced bettors you probably heard them saying something like “I won’t bet on this, there is no value in this bet”. They know which bets aren’t worth it, and therefore, should be avoided. But how do they know that? 

Esports betting value is associated with odds and probability. A value bet is every bet where the odds provided by the bookmaker reflect the probability that is lower than the actual probability of that event to occur. It sounds complicated so let’s simplify it with an example. If there is an event with a 50% probability to occur and the odds are 1,60 it means this bet is not worth it. You need to look for odds higher than 2.00 to find a value bet. In other words, a value bet is every bet with the odds higher than the probability. If you don’t know how to find the relation between odds and probability make sure to check it out here

How to Identify Value Bets? 

You will probably like to avoid betting on events with low value. In order to do so, you need to know how to identify value bets. Calculating the odds and the probability won’t get you anywhere because there are always perfectly balanced. No bookmaker will offer you a perfect value bet.  That’s why you need to calculate your own probability and set your own odds. Make research and set your own probability before looking at the odds. After that, find events with odds higher than probability and bet on them. 

How to Bet on Value in Esports? 

It is important to think in probabilities and not favourites and underdogs. Keep in mind that favourites do not always win. Sometimes the best value bet will be on the underdog team. If there is a good value bet on the underdog team, just go for it. If the odds assigned to the underdog team are above 5.00 and there is a 40% chance for them to win the match, you should always go for it. Sometimes you will lose which is ok as long as you hit 1 out of 5. With a 40% probability, you will probably hit at least 2 or 3 out of 5 which will result in a profit. So, don’t be afraid to place your bets on underdog teams. If the favourites are so good, everyone will just bet on them and profit every time. The aim of value betting is to forget everything you know about betting and just bet on events that have actual value. 

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