The Top 5 First Person Shooter Games

The world has come a long way since classic FPS games like Doom and Star Wars Battlefront. Each year game developers continue to bring out the latest and greatest games, featuring an increasingly immersive experience and even better graphics.

Here are some of the best FPS games out there now…

1. CS:GO

Counterstrike Global Offensive involves two teams of 5 (the terrorists versus counter terrorists) going head to head in a traditional search and destroy game mode. It’s a highly competitive FPS, with over 20 million players worldwide. Tournaments have been a regular occurrence each year since 2013, with total prize pots of over $80 million.

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2. Valorant

With roughly 3 million players, Valorant serves as an upcoming competitor to CS GO. It’s a game where skill-based gunplay combines with flashy character abilities, to allow for more enthralling gameplay than just a straightforward shooter. In this game, players need to be much more calculated by using their surroundings to their advantage.

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3. Rainbow Six Seige

Considered one of the best first-person shooters available for strategy, Siege involves a 5v5 battle between attackers & defenders across a variety of game modes and maps. Each player chooses a unique character, with an ability designed to either defend, or breach an objective.

The victorious team combines complementary abilities with their teammates to counter the opposing strategy of the enemy team. With the damageable environment, players can really utilise every part of their surroundings for an incredibly immersive gaming experience. 

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4. Player Unkown’s Battlegrounds

As one of the earliest instances of Battle Royale games, PUBG is a multi-platform game, where players must travel towards the centre of a shrinking map, whilst eliminating your enemies along the way. The game has been criticised in the past for being too “clunky”, as well as facing a number of issues, including bugs, poor graphics, and the use of too many bot players.

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5. Call of Duty: Warzone

Released in early 2020, Warzone is arguably one of the best Battle Royale games available right now. COD’s first attempt at a Battle Royale game mode, Blackout, didn’t see much success.

However, their innovative approach with Warzone allowed them to add fresh blood to the game mode, by combining all of the features that gamers love. For example, the economy system, for purchasing killstreaks, customised weapons, and even teammates who have been killed! Perfect for reducing rage quits!

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