The Typical Life of an eSports Player

As eSports continues to build momentum, working as a professional gamer is becoming recognised as a lot more than just a glorified hobby in 2020. Whilst this might be every gamer’s dream, it doesn’t mean that the lifestyle comes without sacrifice, and a heck of a lot of hard work! Here is what the life of a typical eSports player looks like…

Intense Training 

Whilst it might feel great schooling the less serious players you face on a Thursday night in regular matchmaking, playing against other professional gamers is a different ball game entirely. This makes consistent training and practice a crucial element to the life of an eSports player. 

Not only do you have to train your eyes to notice the tiniest of details, you need to develop your reflexes to react rapidly with accuracy and precision. You also need to know the game you’re playing like the back of your hand, so that you can capitalise on every moment in play. 

Just like any other sports team, a strict training regime will be imperative, as you engage in constant practice of strategies to purge your weaknesses and defeat your opponents. Usually teams will have analysts who are responsible for researching enemy teams and identifying their weak spots.

Staying Healthy

The rigorous training routine of a pro gamer can be extremely demanding at times, and this can result in burnout, as well as serious health conditions over time. In order to avoid this, players also need to invest in their physical and mental wellbeing. Just like any office job, sitting at a desk staring at a computer for hours upon end isn’t great for your health. This is why many eSports organisations will encourage players to maintain a good exercise routine, as well as a regular sleep schedule. This balance can help keep players at their highest level for optimum performance when it matters most. 

It may sound silly, but stretching is another important element for eSports players, as it helps to avoid injuries to the wrists, neck, back and shoulders from prolonged sessions sat down.

Retirement Age

The average retirement age of just 25 is much younger than other sports, because this is the age that a gamer’s reflexes begin to decline. For extremely fast paced games like first-person shooters , it is of utmost importance to have rapid reflexes, as it can be the difference between winning and losing.

Final Thoughts

Becoming a professional esports player is no simple task. Sadly, being passionate about gaming isn’t enough. It requires a lot of time and applied effort to make it big. Although there are ways you can boost your profile if you want to live the life as an esports player or even join an esports team.

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