Top 3 eSports Teams for CS:GO

CS GO is one of the most popular first-person shooters around the globe for both professional and casual gamers. The game was released in 2012, and since then it has attracted over 20 million players worldwide, and dozens of professional eSports teams.

Throughout more than 5,000 tournaments, over $100 million of prize money has been rewarded to participating teams! Here are 3 of the best teams to place your bets on for competitive Counterstrike matches.


Astralis is an iconic Danish eSports company created by the previous players of Team SoloMid, who left to start their own brand under the initial name of “Questionmark” in 2016. Their entirely Danish roster consists of players like dev1ce, dupreeh, gla1ve and their coach zonic, who have been the longest serving members.

SK Gaming

Schroet Kommando Gaming was first established in 1997, and since then it has grown into one of the world’s most recognised eSports organisations. Based in Germany, SK have managed to secure more than 60 major championship titles as well as millions in monetary rewards. Right now, they are partnered with a number of big German brands like Deutsche Telekom and Mercedes Benz.

They’ve been competing in tournaments since 2000, and in 2002 they won their first 5 figure prize reward of $25,000 in the CPL Summer Championship.

Team Liquid

Team Liquid is a professional eSports organisation based in the Netherlands, which was founded in 2000, and currently owned by aXiomatic Gaming. They signed their first professional players for CS GO in 2015 and have had a huge amount of success since.

They dominated the scene in 2019, winning the ESL One in Cologne and the ESL Pro League Season 9 Finals. Currently they’re partnered with a multitude of big-name brands that gamers love, like Twitch, Monster, and Alienware.

Keep an eye out for these three big teams when placing your bets in CS:GO tournaments, as they might just make you some decent money! Be sure to check out some of our betting comparisons to find out where you can get the most return for your bets you place.

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