Top 3 League of Legends Special Bets Explained

League of Legends or just LoL is, by far, the most popular Esports game. With that in mind, there is no wonder LoL betting is also quite popular.

There are several ways to bet on this game and we will explain some of the most popular special LoL bets in this article. Stay tuned and find out everything you need to know about League of Legends special bets in this article.

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Match Length

The average length of one LoL match can vary from 20 to 50 minutes. Of course, they can be longer. To gain a better perspective, the longest LoL game ever was a matchup Jin Air vs SKT and it lasted for 94 minutes and 37 seconds. 

However, statistically speaking, game duration of one professional match is usually between 25 and 32 minutes. Some bookies offer you to bet on just that in their LoL special bets markets. You need to predict the exact duration of the match.

Bookies will give you margins between several durations and you need to pick one. Keep in mind that the odds are based on statistics and you will always get lower odds for betting on durations that are close to 30 minutes. On the other side, betting on longer durations means higher odds and higher profit.

Try to find some game that will probably last longer. That are usually games between two similar teams where anyone can win.

First Turret Destroyed

The main objective of each line is to keep their turrets safe while trying to destroy the outer ones. This bet practically means betting on a team to destroy the first turret.

Your team does not have to win the game, they just need to take an early advantage and destroy the first turret. This is very important because you can easily predict this bet. Just look for the teams that are known for early aggressions and turret pushes. As soon as they take the objective, your bet is won.

Number of Aces

They also have a number of popular content creators associated with the brand. The latest of which being Nicole Sanchez or ‘Neekolul’, who is an American Twitch Streamer and Tik Tok personality. Some of these creators even live together in their very own property dubbed “The Content House”.


Aces aren’t that common in League of Legends. An ace occurs when the last player of one team dies. It means that all five of them have to be dead at the same time for at least 1 second. There are plenty of variations of this bet. You can bet on over/under number of aces, which team will score more aces or even correct number of aces.

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