Top 3 Special CS:GO Bets Explained

Betting on CS:GO does not necessarily need to be betting on a match-winner.

Let’s face it, regular CS:GO betting is relatively boring. Luckily, there are several types of special CS:GO bets and we will explain the most interesting ones in this article. Keep reading and find out how to increase your chances while betting on this game.

Handicap CS:GO Betting

Sometimes, it is not profitable to just bet on a match-winner. Every match has a favourite and underdog team. Odds on the favourite team are usually low and it is often not even profitable to bet on them. That’s why it is good to use the handicap betting option.

Bookmakers provide a margin of maps/rounds and the favourite team has to win by more than that amount. Higher margin always means higher odds but be careful. Don’t be too greedy and try to find the perfect balance

Futures Betting

Betting on futures roughly means betting on something that will happen in the distant future. Don’t get me wrong, placing a bet on a match that’s weeks away doesn’t make it futures bet. In CS:GO, futures betting refers to betting on tournament or league winner.

You place your bets before the tournament/league even starts. The odds are always high and it is not that hard to predict who will triumph in the end. This is the safest approach to tournament betting because your team can still lose a match or two. As long as they win the tournament in the end your bet is won.  

Individual Bets

Truth to be told, not all bookmakers offer individual CS:GO bets. This is a relatively new type of bet and it is still in the experimental phase. If you want to try it, check out Betway as they offer individual bets for every big Tier 1 event.

You are basically betting on individual players to have the highest headshot percentage or most kills during the tournament. You can also bet on tournament MVP or top fragger in the single team. 

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