Top 5 FIFA 20 Streamers

Castro started his streaming career back in 2013 where he started streaming from a laptop and then going on to take up streaming full time.

Castro holds the Guinness World Record for the most followed FIFA channel on Twitch and the record was set in 2017.

This is the official twitch channel for EA Sports FIFA. They stream the majority of FIFA games for fans to watch and enjoy.


Nick28T is highly popular in the FIFA streaming world with a large following on both his Twitch and Youtube channels.


Jamie ‘Bateson87’ Bateson is a english youtuber, gamer and influencer with over 1.4m subscribers on his Youtube channel.

James is also part of the EA Sports Game Changers program who are a community partnership programme.

Since first starting his YouTube channel in 2009, NepentheZ has since gained over 920 million views on the platform.

NepentheZ has worked with big brands such as Twitch and EA, working with these brands has helped him build a following of over 2m people over his two Youtube channels.