Top Hearthstone Streamers

PlayHearthstone is the official Twitch channel for Hearthstone. The page cover all the latest Hearthstone games and tournaments across the world.

itsHafu is a 29 year old streamer who has been hooked on playing games since she was just 14!

Two time HS European Champion Thijs, has been playing the game since 2012 and currently plays professionally for the well known esports team G2.

David ‘DogDog’ Caero is an ex Heartstone pro who hold multiple championship titles such as Masters Tour 2019 Las Vegas. 

DogDog previously streamed for Team Liquid between 2015-109 and has been ranked number 1 in Hearthstone multiple times. 

Rdu is a very well known name in the Hearthstone scene. After starting his pro career in 2014 he now competes at the level as a Hearthstone Grandmaster!