Top 5 VALORANT Streamers

After finding success in Fortnite, Ali ‘Myth’ Kabbani is now a member of the TSM Team. Myth’s dedication to streaming has set him apart from other streamers and got him the popularity that he has today. 


Originally streaming LoL, Pokimane slowly ventured into playing other games such as Valorant and Fortnite and has gained over 5M followers on Twitch alone! 


Currently playing for Natus Vincere. Mainly known for his success playing CS:GO for a few pro teams, s1mple has started to stream a range of games on his highly popular Twitch account. 


Greekgodx is an official partner with Team TSM after he gained fame from collaborating with a hand-full of popular streamers. 

Known for streaming a variety of content, Greekgodx continues to grow following on Twitch and YouTube.

William ‘Scarra’ Li is well known for being a LoL esports player and now streamers for social entertainment group Offline TV.


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