Why The Future of Esports is Tied to Cryptos?

Esports and cryptocurrencies are similar in multiple ways. Both of them were highly rejected in the early beginnings and they thrived up to the top in the last couple of years. When it comes to cryptos, people just couldn’t accept that something digital can have value. On the other side, they also couldn’t accept that something digital can become a competition for any real sport. Both cryptos and Esports managed to prove them wrong and turned out to be quite a success. But how are those two industries tied and why? 

The Connection Between Esports and Cryptos

Gamers were among the first ones to accept digital value such as skins and cryptos. Ten years ago, StarCraft 2 tournament AoV iCCup StarLeague (ISL1) used BitCoins as a tournament reward. Players that were placed from 5th to 8th place received 25 BitCoins which was valued at $41,75 at the time. If they kept those BitCoins they are now worth more than $1 million dollars. They probably didn’t but that’s not the point. The point is that gamers accepted digital currencies before they became a thing. With that in mind, there is no wonder that today a lot of cryptocurrencies are tied to gaming. 

Gaming is a $150 billion dollar industry with a huge market cap and huge investment possibilities. Investors are willing to invest in this industry and they do so by investing in cryptocurrencies tied to gaming. It is also a great way to find investors into Esports companies without going public. A lot of gaming platform already implemented their own cryptos as a currency that can be used on the platform. I can optimistically say that we can expect Steam, Origin and similar platforms to do the same in the following years. Cryptos are also highly used in Esports betting community.   

Esports Betting and Cryptos

A lot of people prefer Cryptocurrencies as a payment method because it offers faster deposits than e-wallets and bank transfers. It also helps you stay anonymous and protect your data on the internet. Cryptos today are accepted as a payment method on most Esports bookmakers. If you also prefer to bet cryptos but are not sure where to bet them, head over to UpYourGame homepage and adjust the filters to show you available crypto betting sites in your area. You can also claim generous Welcome Bonuses on your first deposit.  

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